Some Bugs from official Server #1975 PvE -

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug and Performance
Region: South America

Some bugs we know and want to share with FUNCOM to fix it.

1 - Starmetal
1.1 - meteors drop, we can see but the starmetal rock do not appear to players. don’t have nothing in the position where drop.

2 - NPC, boss and animals
2.1 - All NPC, Boss and animals still doing nothing, really nothing, if we attack then, they dont attack back, look like a three or rocks, just still on the map, just for farming.

3 - NPC and animals spawn
3.1 - some times in different places the NPCs and animals spawning in the same place inside another, so if we going to kill one dragon we have two and not just one there, and if we going get some npc, when we try locaut the npc, we have two and not only one

4 - well and fish
4.1 - the fish trap still get nothing
4.2 - well still get drying and not fill again.

5 - Purge
5.1 - never worked, we really would like to know how it is, but never, never worked in 1975 server for anyone


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. normaly
  2. always and all time, 24/7 from mother update

And the thrall hp get reset to 10% every time you log off and never attack which is annoying.

yes.all the time

llok this now, should work like this?