Some items in inventory can't be used

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3177

Bug Description:

Can’t consume healing potions or use healing wraps after the latest update. Not from inventory or from item wheel. The animation starts but ends almost instantly and healing effects aren’t applied. Couldn’t also drop putrid meat from inventory so i had to eat it.

Bug Reproduction:

Have items in inventory. Try to consume or use them, won’t happen.

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It’s a bug that’s been in game since 3.0. You’ll have to re log or pull bracelet

No need to re-log or pull bracelet, simply mount and then dismount horse/rhino to fix. :wink:


Great advice :+1: . Do you think that might take care of some of the other strange things that happen? @DaVice

I think it’s possible for every “strange thing” to have a unique workaround but the workaround will obviously be different as most bugs are not related.

This particular bug is happening because of latency (or a bad connection). When the server and client don’t agree, it can cause “strange things” to happen. In this case the server thinks you are mounted and the client says you are not mounted. Obviously while mounted you can’t use healing items (or even move healing items to your hotbar), so a quick mount/dismount gets the client and server to agree that you are no longer mounted.


Good to know thank you :blush:. Will have to tell people on our server about it

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yes unfortunately this has been happening since 3.0 and it usually happens when it starts to lag and load poorly and for some reason it happens when you are in battle in the most convenient of times. I hope they release another patch to actually fix things soon.

Understand that we went onto official to refresh our building my wife was dead in the river then showed up in a dungeon not sure witch one. Pulled her bracelet ending up at base and retrieved gear. I froze a 3 times. Finished with refresh and left for our private server witch has issues also but not as bad. @joeyguitardude

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yea it’s funny that you said that. I have experienced similar things twice where I think it was the day before I was writing in a book on Conan’s then it said I “lost connection with server” I load back in to find out I died so it’s loading me back in but just randomly spawns me in the dregs dungeon. then the time before I crashed and died and it spawns me in the underwater dungeon area for some reason and both times I had to retrieve my body but second time my body was a mile away from where I died at.

Yeah definitely a pull bracelet and hope for the best when she died bed and bedroll didn’t show up went for dessert and she shows up in the dungeon

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it’s definitely has something to do with coding, memory size or perhaps g portal too. I have experienced similar stuff with the crashing and lagging but nothing at this rate they usually release a big update then have to patch it a few times to get it where it was at before and it ran fine. if it is buildings and stuff then they should put a limit on building but I feel that has a very small amount to do with it because before update it was running pretty smooth and now all of a sudden after update we are having major issues with loading, crashing every hour, textures not loading in. I just hope they fix it and get it back to where it’s really stable again this usually happens to some degree after every major update and they are usually decent at fixing it but this one is pretty bad but I have hope they will fix it just might take time. I hope they come out with another patch soon.

yea I literally had to pull bracelet and hope I make it to my body in time. a really strange glitch

The first year game came out they had a Halloween event I think it was supposed to be for a few days end up lasting a long time. Things fell from the sky we had chests full of rocknose eggs and other stuff the moon was a jack-o-lantern glad when it was fixed it was pretty dark most of the time

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yea I remember that! when the moon had a skull on it and such! that was really cool update and event I loved it and yea man I love every update they come out with they do a great job it’s just the bugs and stability they need to work on if they could stay a step ahead of that stuff this game would be flawless in my opinion. one of my all time favorite games.

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Yeah sampler a few games but it is the only thing we play.

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hell yea it’s really hard to pick my top three favorite series but mk definitely is one, probably elder scrolls and Conan exiles. those are definitely at my top tier for sure

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