Some more interior building pieces

I know there are a lot of similar posts, but as they are old and locked, I think some refreshing is in order.

We need more interior building pieces. They are not only a thing about style, but also you cant build functional interior divisions with building pieces that bear spikes. That screws up camera if you make a space smaller than a certain size, and navigation sometimes is bugged due to the nature of turning outside of a building piece to inside of a “room”.

Now, for cosmetic and design issues, it would be nice to have “half ceiling/foundation” along with the “wedge”. Sometimes you just need a curve, and the wedge craps your interior design and dimensions, because it forces foundations and ceilings out of sync.

A triangular ceiling/foundation still foundation sized catets would go a long way in design help.

I myself am open to those being sets on the Bazar, not really cringe about having to add them in general.

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