Some new issues after latest dlc

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[So here are some issues that appeared on PS4 after latest dlc:
Infinite loading screen upon going back to main menu
Camouflage pattern on building pieces
Doubled the items on death (happened only once so far)
Abyssal Remnant bugged and was just standing there without attacking, making it impossible to kill without range attacks

Some new bugs noted (13.05.2020)

Thralls in the wheel of pain are glitching (once you put multiple thralls in wop some of them do not show on the progress bar; if you leave and come later no progress in braking them is done on those thralls)

You can not build as pieces do not stack (new dlc)


I will update the list if I find anything else

Overall, thank you FunCom. Conan Exile is my game to go when I need to chill]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Egis511, thank you for your kind words, if possible for future reports please be sure to create only one post per issue if there are no threads currently open for it.

We’re aware of some of the issues you’ve pointed out, but would like further information regarding the doubled items on death, did this happen with your character’s inventory? Do you recall any events that lead to this situation?

Regarding the new DLC pieces not stacking, could you please elaborate on which pieces are giving you issues?

Additionally, are you playing online or in singleplayer?

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Hi Hugo,

Regarding doubling items, happened only once on single player. I was killed by a possessed crocodile (one skull). Once the game loaded again I had most of the items in the inventory doubled. I mean I had them on me, plus I picked up the same items from the body. Not the armour, though. I died while trying to run away from crocodile by climbing, not realising I was bleeding and could not climb. I was over-encumbered at the time.

The building pieces were from new dlc. I normally build my basic base with tear one pieces, skip second year and, once I reached level 30, I start replacing year one with tear 3. I used aquilonian bases and started to replace doorways, windows and regular walls. However, doorways and windows were slightly at a lower hight. In some cases I managed to put regular walls on the top, but there was a narrow gap in between them and in most cases it did not allowed me to put anything on the top. I did not try to build something from the scratch, so maybe this is an issue only when you try to replace old pieces with new?

Once again, thank you for your reply. Love this game, love the company and looking forward spending many hours enjoying it



Building issue solved

I was just an idiot. I was trying to place fence foundation, what looked like a wall, on the top of the walls with windows and door frames. My mistake.



Thank you for reporting back with your findings and clarifying on the matter!

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Don’t feel bad I made 100 of the new Argosian ceiling arch pieces SATURDAY thinking they were foundations. And I can’t even find a good use for them.

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