Some questions about server config, purges and decay (dedicted server, small community)

Hello !

I’m admin of a dedicted server (nitroserv, not G-portal) and we play with few friends (max 3-4 at the same time) in a same clan (PvE mod). We play Conan because we enjoy the RPG gameplay and building capabilities of the game.

I have some questions about the server config and the purge and I hope I’ll find some help here.

Decay :
As I said, we only play in a small community. No other players, no PvP, no abandoned building. I’m kinda afraid of the decay system, because some of our clan members build their own outposts and may not be connected for few weeks (holidays, work, etc.). I would like to fully disable the decay system, it is possible ? I didn’t find any line command about it. Some topics on forums talk about a case to trigger in server options, but I think it’s a G-portal feature that I haven’t on nitroserv.

We really like the purge feature, it’s immersive. As we are new on Conan, we only experienced one purge. We are in the desert (dogs of the desert area) and we were attacked by scorpions. We were two and prepared. We had T2 walls, archers and heavy armored guards (8 archers and 7 guards on this side of our town). The first two waves were very easy for our NPCs. Then came the Scorpion boss. He killed easily our heavy armored guards (I think he could kill one in 45 secs). My friend and I kited him to deal him damage, the monster ran away at 5% of life (I think the purge timer was over).

The thing we would like is a self sufficient defense. I don’t think our guards have any chance to survive versus this kind of boss. Is it possible to change some server settings to avoid boss / NPCs killers ? We are not against some difficulty, but in this way it’s just butchery.

I did some research and I find two options, but I don’t know if it is sufficient or if it works in the way I want. The first one is to reduce the purge duration. By default, the duration is 30 minutes and it looks like there is three waves. I was wandering if setting a 20 minutes timer would cancel the third wave.
The second option would be to reduce the max purge level. Regarding the purge difficulty map, our town is in a lvl 3-4 area. I was wandering if setting a max level at 2 or 3 (I don’t know if scorpions were level 3 or 4) would be enough (or simply work for the level 2).

At the moment, I put an online player requirement to trigger the purge so we can manage any attack. But I would like to have fully random purges, without losing our base and armored guards.

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