Optional purge decay

Apparently this hasn’t been brought up on the forums since 2019, so I thought it might be time for another go…

Please make purge decay optional / togglable or dependent on some condition which the player can deliberately proc. When I first started playing Conan I was totally addicted and managed to get a purge every few days, but since time has gone on and I now play the game casually I will never get another purge again.

I don’t care that the purge thralls are now unimportant, I just want a purge because it’s a fun and unique mechanic that used to make my day whenever one was expected. I also don’t want to have to join or form a large clan to enjoy this experience - my wife and I (used to) play Conan together, and this was our clan, until her aspiration for capturing every named thrall was shattered by… how you can’t get a purge unless you devote your whole life to grinding the meter each day by more than it will decay overnight. Also no, we’re not going to leave our PCs on overnight with the game idling.

At one point we made a private server with the purge trigger turned right down, but this doesn’t work either - the decay still wipes the meter overnight meaning you must grind for your purge trigger, and the purge itself refills the bar to the point that you can’t actually play dungeons, farm or build because you constantly get purges once they start. The Official server purge trigger setting would actually be perfect were it not for the decay.

All in all, mandatory purge decay simply removes from the game a really big part of the fun for small clans of casual players. Please consider revising this so all players can get to experience purges once in a while if they want them.


It would be nice, but it would only help people on private servers. I’d like it better if they added something a player can do on purpose to fill up the purge meter faster.

I don’t know if it was @Croms_Faithful’s idea that I’m probably misremembering here, but the gist was: give us a shrine to Crom and, since he’s a god who hates being asked for favors, let praying at that shrine make your purge meter fill faster as a punishment.


I’ve read a few other threads where people have listed some good 15 minute schedules to get the purge meter going up pretty significantly. Personally, I’m on an official PVE server, so it is incredibly difficult to get a purge and also have fun, as the difficult farming routine every 15 minutes isn’t super conducive to good times.

I can manage to get one every week or two, depending how much I play that week. I work 9-5 Mon-Fri, but Conan is basically the only game I play when I’m at home. It is a ridiculous amount of work even for me to get a purge, so I agree 100% it would be amazing if there was some way on Official Server PVE to make a purge come faster. The idea referenced by CodeMage sounds good to me, I’d be happy with anything!

The purge really is a fun mechanic (although it can glitch out sometimes) to have to defend yourself from. Getting your base rushed by insane amounts of Berserkers or Frost Giants, etc. is incredibly fun to have to fight off, and keeps me constantly rebuilding and changing the layout of structures to better handle the attackers. It also forces me to level up my thralls, craft high end gear for them and in general make sure they can handle anything!

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On the current Siptah testlive build the convergence traps functionality has been changed. They no longer collect resources from the storm, but instead can be used to fill or dump the purge meter. Costs currently are 200 unstable ??? fills the purge meter, and you can use 200 lesser ??? to empty the purge meter. You can find ??? of all grades in chests now as well.


Ooh, nice! I hope they implement something similar in Exiled Lands, too.


That would also work for me, the implementation doesn’t matter so long as filling the meter isn’t a full-time job.

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Aye that was me CodeMage. Although a number of other players have also pitched the very same concept in the past. In fact Funcom even had plans to implement a very similar variation of this concept themselves in the early stages of the games development. More can be read about this Here on the Wiki for anyone who is interested. I personally feel that it is a great concept, and best of all it kills two birds with the one stone. It provides a means to instigate a Purge via an interesting mechanic, while at the same time giving the growing chorus of Crom zealots such as myself some additional Crom related artifacts and features. Best of all it is even lore friendly; either nothing happens, or something really bad happens.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


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