Some Skull Gate Pass Feedback

This feedback is based on very little time in the encounter itself, as the public weekend had low populated due to very short notification. But here is my thoughts.

Skull Gate Pass Onslaught Feedback

  • The wave icon that indicate spawn location was hard to see on the map background.
  • Minor Bug(or feature): The “Zamoran Thrall” move very slow in hide. Often the last enemy we kill after forcing it out of hide.
  • There is still a minor problem with mobs not moving. But as the map is smaller then Kuthchemes they easily get lose and move when we get closer.
  • Bug: Mini-Boss “Acolyte of Louhi” is fearable. It result in minimap icon being stuck while the actual Mini-Boss moves to a new location.
  • Heal agro makes it very hard to play Tank. Trying to “body pull” the incoming wave often leads to mobs changing agro to the healer direclty. And they are way too spread to tount them all. Suggestion: Give tanks in defence stance some extra agro points if they “body pull” the mobs, so it is possible for tanks to do something about the wave of adds.
  • The mini-bosses(like “Acolyte of Louhi”) do not play that well with having to defend “Valkyrie Hylda”. In Kutchemes they brought the encounter to life by keeping the group moving(on there toes). But in Skull Gate Pass the group is kept on there toes by ensuring that the waves do not reach Valkyrie Hylda. And with the changes to “pathing” (Body pulling vs initial agro on tank) it makes it harder to send of a small group of people to kill it alone. I do not have any suggestions to make it more unified. But having Skull Gate Pass divergent a bit more from Kuthchemes can make it feal more like fresh content.
  • Minor Bug(or feature). Skull Gate Pass and Kutchemes is missing in the drop down lists in the minimap.
  • Reward: Maybe it would ba a good idea to add some more items then just the gems. Otherwise Kutchemes will get most of the activity as it reward people with insane weapons compare to other stuff they can easily obtain.
  • And please change the sound of “Valkyrie Hylda” screaming to be more Cimmerian.

Thanks Thaan for your feedback. I agree with it and will just add this:

  • Acolyte of Louhi - isnt it the same NPC as Summoner from Kuthchemes? That one was also fearable and his icon always stucked on the minimap until they patched it out and gave him fear immunity.
  • White icons on white background = problem. I think SGP onslaught can use some colored icons instead :slight_smile:
  • I am also concerned about the idea of SGP map versus the “old” theme of Kuthchemes (stationary mini-bosses waiting for you to come and kill them) which doesnt fit here. But on the other hand it will remove the exploration part of the map during the fight (yep, you can still do it before or between waves). And mostly the interesting part where you have to divide to small teams and co-operate. This will be hard to balance…

And for the sake of all Gods and Demons of Hyboria, make Hylda scream like a northren woman, not like Cassilda :slight_smile: … wait, why should Valkyrie even scream? She should just laugh at the worms trying to scratch her! :face_with_monocle:

Is it possible to fix the problem that knockbacked mobs cannot be fatalitied? In kuth its ok but in SGP we need to guard the npc, we cannot really avoid using kb and losing the chance to fill the meter.

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Can you please confirm that “dead” people not getting tokens from loot is the intended mechanic?

Patch Notes for Sunday November 8th (Testlive):

  • Tokens looted from bosses in Onslaught (both Kutchemes and Skull Gate Pass) now award to all team members in the zone, regardless of distance or living status.

Halleluja!!! Finally!