Some strange material

Hi, all

I install few mods and now i have some strange material (Vanadium, Arsenic, Onyx Composite, Titanium and Aluminium ) . Is this something new or is mod ?

Is there anyone who can explain or help me get rid of it ?

Those would have been added by a mod, but I couldn’t say which one. I’d suggest looking through the workshop pages of the mods you’re running, usually the ones that add a bunch of stuff like that say so somewhere.

Ok, thanks for the advice

These are the new materials from Age of Calamitous (mod).

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i will check it, thx

Those are from the Age of Calamitous mod.

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Thank you all for the help

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Welcome to the comunity my friend. Next time you have a question, use the general discussion page. Still you were lucky enough to have answers from 3 respected members :wink:. Welcome again

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