Some thralls share similar names. Intended, ccidental or coincidence?

I ran across a few thralls that share parts of their names.

Ulrik The Mountaineer
Ulrik The Beast

Airk The Slayer
Airk Strong-in-the-Arm

Tessa The Blade
Mei The Blade

It’s not that important imo… I’m just curious how the names were chosen. Rng or?

RNG with certain parameters is the most likely thing, I mean whenyou have as many NPC characters as a game like this, there is going to be duplicates in some form. And hey people can have the same first name, happens all the time ;).

Sure but you got 3 NPCs with the title of “The Blade”

I’m just going to assume their siblings and name a pair of undead legion skeletons “Mom” The Blade and “Dad” The Blade and make it a happy family (well sorta)

Just seems like those 3 could have had more variance.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, variance often can decrease with an increase in entities, Conan has many many entities. But I get your point.

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