Some Visual Bugs in Sepermeru

I know I’m not supposed to make a list but these bugs are not critical in my opinion so I hope this is ok.

  1. There is a party in Sep city and the Set altar is the place to be…

  2. Textures on windows are brimming with sorcerous power…

    This occurs in the darkness on allot of the door and window frames in Sep city. This might be a known visual bug.

  3. Not really in the city and can happen anywhere on the map. Also probably old and known.

    The biggest problem is that after a players base decays the thralls and pets stay, it makes it impossible for new players joining the server to build at prime locations after the previous occupant moved to “greener pastures” up North.

I hope I did not waste any dev time with these. Good luck and may Yimir guide your blades!


Your second screenshot is entirely black for me. However, a repeated texture bug with redisch-brown pixelated for doors, frames and walls spreaded als over Serpermeru is present in the live version, too. You only see them at night, but very noticeable at closer distance.

Yeah, sorry about that. But that is exactly the bug I am referring to. Thank you for the description, hopefully it can help if it is too dark for other people too.

edit: I quickly fixed it in Photoshop XD, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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I think the altar bug is the most distracting. They may be stuck in different ways depending game, and when you see them, but yes, saw these guys to.

I got used and don’t stare at the glowing doors. There different textures i don’t like, or effect, so i close mostly my eyes and pass. :laughing:

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I am just a bit concerned with all the sorcery going on behind closed doors…We might just regret it if we leave this unchecked and unchallenged. I hope it is not too late already!



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