Something odd is happening

I play PVE on an official Exiled Lands server and as of late I noticed some strange engine behaviors. For starters, every time I log in, three quarters of my guarding thralls are sunk to their shoulders in foundations. Every time I have to fish 'em out and pull them out. This includes horses in the stable and a rhino. Then, a few days ago I myself found myself sinking in foundations while in my base and it’s very hard to pull myself out. I also noticed that all the thralls in my keep fell through the floors and landed on the ground below. I had to punch walls and ceiling tiles to fetch each and every one of them. Upon logging in this morning the whole thing repeated itself. I also seem to be the only one affected by this on the server as I asked if anyone else experienced this.

As such, it’s impossible for me to play. I’m at loss at to why this is happening.

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This has also been happening to me. Not ALL of my thralls, but the same ones every time. And it happens anytime I leave the vicinity of my base. Every time I come back, they’ve sunk again. Additionally, when I sink into the foundations, it seems that everyone else on the server gets hit with the same thing all at the same time. Another person on the server keeps dying to it, because he’s at the top of a tower, so he falls to his death.

happens to me too a few times a day. Basically, the entire server falls through player made stuff, including any thralls not seated or stationed. I did notice one time, I was on the phone with a clan member, and it hit the server at the exact time that I logged in, but it isnt something we could recreate, since its not consistent.

Got 2 currently stuck in the floor. One in the bottom foundation (can see the ground in the pic) and another stuff in the foundation above her. The one on top fell from the 2nd flood ceiling tile, thru the 1st floor foundations until she reached that point and stopped

I’ve logged in on the official server I play on and other players have reported the same. Thralls sinking, treasure sinking, and players themselves. Can’t walk in my base without me sinking and always a pain to get out.

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