Soothing Buff issues and solution

A soothing buff was added to the game that is supposed to add health regen as long as you are within a normal temperature (not hot or cold). The problem is that if you take damage, it goes away and never comes back on its own.

After some testing, I found out I could reactivate the soothing buff by forcing myself out of the normal temperature range for a moment.

  1. Be in a hot area with heat resistant armor on and soothing buff active.
  2. Take damage loosing the buff.
  3. Defeat the enemy and let any Damage over Time wear off (bleed, poison, etc.).
  4. Equip a cold resistant chest armor and a torch and sprint around until you are “hot”.
  5. Unequip the torch, swap back to the heat resistant chest armor, and take a sip of water.
  6. Wait for your temperature to fall back out of hot and the soothing buff will reactivate.

I tried this multiple times and the soothing buff reactivated successfully every time.


Very Nice in depth look into the issue with soothing. I thing I remember seeing a post where they acknowledge the issue and said that they were going to look into it. This should help.

We can only hope.

Hello @Aria_of_Sorrow, thank you for your submission!

Our team is already aware of this issue and it should be solved in an upcoming patch.

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