Sorcerer headhunters for players

Thnking about this for a while I feel like players have it far too easy. We level sorcery to its top level then collect the skulls of our competition (npc sorcerers) and turn them into the people who hunt sorcerers and we get a reward.

That is far to easy.

Create another kind of purge for individuals players that are top level sorcerers. Players hunted every day for their sorcerous ways by headhunters.

It would be fitting for players to wake up in the desert or their bed roles to the text thats say “You’ve been killed by a headhunter and your head taken.”

Why should we be immune to being hunted?

Wouldn’t make sense. The one sending the head hunters is Mel-Kamoses. We’re actually helping him. Unless these are rogue head hunters, it would break the narrative. Why bite the hand that feeds you? It’s not like the khitans are actually doing anything, so we’re doing it for him. They just collect.

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Mek- Kamoses … Correct

But wouldnt Thoth Amon try to counter that?