Headhunting: Was Expecting More of a Quest System

So this is on me for letting my imagination influence my expectations, but I was expecting the headhunter system to be more quest-like. Something like we go to the caravan, they give us a map (similar to the Dead Sorcerers Map that exist within the game), and we get something like an instance or micro-raid to go in there and thwap the mage. I did expect us to have a background quest to go thwap some of the free-roaming sorcerers, but I thought there would be something more targeted and quasi-story driven beyond the tutorial we get from talking to the caravan head.

So naturally I’m a bit disappointed by the headhunting being as seemingly barebones as it is. It’s only been a day, though, so I obviously haven’t experienced all that there is to offer. I still need to find one of the sorcerer big-bads, for instance.

Will there be a bit more narrative focus in the future, either as new systems or as additions to any current systems? I realize how contradictory that might be, because part of CE’s appeal is actually its relative lack of a story and the ability to find your own fun. Still, a bit of spice never hurt anyone, right? Aside from the characters in Dune, that is.

Since the game is a survival sandbox, I doubt we’ll get any MMO-style quests in the foreseeable future. The narrative is expanded via the seasons and chapters of the Battle Pass system, but I believe it’s going to stay pretty light.

What we’re getting is more akin to “daily activities” of MMOs, rather than quests.

We are also supposed to get a witch hunt event to go along with it but I can’t get it to trigger on single player.

Yeah, haven’t run into any of those yet, but it’s only day 2 or 3 or whatever. Time is relative. I’m sure I’ll eventually run into enough of them that I start running past them rather than toward them.

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