New DLC with quests wanted

I would love a DLC with quests and more places to discover.
Also I have seen a post about a idea with NPC’s moving around. This would be a great option to have in the game. NPC raid groups roaming the world.

  • Quests
  • Interesting friendly city with traders / Quest givers / Helps you can hire
  • PVE NPC factions: Join a faction fight for dominance / Purge timer can be used for faction battles
  • More interesting (friendly) NPCs to talk with adding the to RP aspect
  • Facilitate and support the Modders out there. Some great mods have been made!
  • Extra dungeons
  • Why don’t the mini bosses around the world provide any special items?
  • Options options options equals freedom to set up the game you like (I know there are already a lot of options possible but always good to keep improving )

i agree



They stated explicitly that new content (like Quests Dungeons and stuff) will always be free and not behind paywalls. (latest Example being the Katana weapon and the Midnight Grove dungeon).

DLCs will only ever be cosmetics (Though you can argue about the armor/stat combinations and T4 Armorer dependencies.

NPC wise there are some additions with the new patch, coming this week hopefully.

The Purge kinda represents NPC-raid groups.

There are new Dungeons in the making.

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Classic MMO or RPG style quests are not likely to ever be a thing, CE just isn’t that kind of game.

Originally the Purge was supposed to be NPC raid groups actually moving across the map, but for various reasons (lack of time probably) they instead turned into what we (don’t) have today.


Well, it would be fairly easy to implement repeatable MMO-style fetch and kill quests. Granted they won’t be more complex than “Gather 50 bear butts” or “Kill x Darfari warriors” for whatever reward would be given, but they’d at least give PvE players something to do.

More complex quests would be doable as well, but as you said, wouldn’t really fit the game.

We’d need more neutral cities first, though. I really wish New Asgarth and Flotsam/Buccaneer Bay would be changed to become neutral like Sepermeru. That way we’d have a neutral city for each major map region.


If you make a Suggestion thread on the forum then that is exactly what you will get.

I would love for this game to keep growing and developing. This can be done by added options to the current world such as Quests / More in Depth NPCs / NPC factions which the purge system is NOT

The purge system is like 7 days to die when a group attacks your base. I am talking about two or more factions that sporadically fight each other for control and dominance. Where you as player(s) can join one side. Where you could build your own little settlement and where you can develop your own NPCs to fight along side you.

Maybe funcom could try to implement this quest thing in the game by giving Conan some additional dialogue after we find Razma. I mean, I can’t even tell him I found her and she’s okay.

Once that’s done we could maybe start suggesting more complex story elements into the game.

She sleeps all night and she works all day (hey the lumberjack song is entirely relevant in this game!


More people should look at some of the Mods and what they allow - including setting up action flows and dialogue chains.

FC have already stated that their current priority is to fix some current bugs and then that there is new content planned, but no date has been given (and we can blame ourselves for no dates as we have been collectively unreasonable in this in the past).

I have not heard that they have any intention to add new regions, but I do know that they are adopting what several mods already do and that is add wandering creatures, specialised, elite creatures, and adjusting stats, etc. I seem to remember seeing that they are also doing added dungeons, but again, no set date.

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Well, it’s not so much that there’s no information either way, rather they’ve pretty firmly stated that new regions will not happen. New dungeons (four more, I believe) will come, eventually, but the map itself is as big as it’s going to get.

Yep Mikey, you are very likely right - and the three regions are huge. I suspect that in most cases it’s just that people think that if they have seen it once that it’s then ‘boring’ and they need ‘More’ and ‘Now’. Since so much of the Official servers are Raid-spammed, I can imagine that it gets real boring after a while. On private servers though, Admins can keep adding content and storyline way, way beyond what FC will likely do, and that’s how it should be. On the one I play on there are merchants, loot chests, monsters (and Monstrous monsters), quests, dungeons, etc. It’s insane. :slight_smile:
Just look at the Calamitous and the roleplay they get. PIPPI servers too. The possibilities are endless really.

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Some great mods out there indeed thus the more reason for the devs to learn from that or cooperate and facilitate the modders out there.

Extra land I don’t care for but improvements and added content most definitely be it free or paid for. If they ever stated they will not release a paid dlc that includes more then cosmetics that’s plain stupid in my own personal opinion. I’d rather pay for gameplay features then cosmetic stuff.

I’ll keep letting know I’d love quests/ places to visit maybe new friendly villages or caves. I’d love roaming NPC enemies. I’d love to see NPC factions you could join in single player / co-op / pve servers. Battle between NPC factions for domination over the map.

I was really disappointed that the yamata set did not come with an artisan Craft station things to make. To me it seems the yamata and Pictish DLC got a lot less love which sucks. Yamata is by far my favorite dlc to date just wish there was more lol.

Still like @Mikey said I don’t ever see NPC quests happening in the game. This game is about you surviving as a exile (think ex-con). Your not some Dragon born with a magical hidden destiny and a story that revolves around you. But that’s the good thing, you given your freedom to do what ever you want.

So there would be quest givers just outside those cities, you did quests for then and slowly they would become friendly, opening more quests…

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That would be a possible option, yes.
Or they could change the NPCs in those cities to be just like Sepermeru’s NPCs, which would be easier but less immersive.
Either way adding even simple fetch/kill quests would be an improvement for PvE folks and give them something to do aside from maintaining their house/base and defending it from the purge or doing the dungeon over and over.

yeah something like that would be cool.

Other option would be that you as player can join a NPC faction and have quests related to that.
NPC factions would work in this game also and if battle moments would be introduced between the factions where you fight for greater dominance in the world that would improve the PVE experience in my opinion


I agree, Funcom must add content that increases the life of the game (but not in a DLC). And adding quests is a great idea. Contrary to what some players may say, adding quests will not turn CE into wow-like (mmorpg). the quests are part of the Conan universe. We must add quests that are complex (interrupt a ritual, save a Sepermeru dancer who was kidnapped, protect a merchant who travels, etc.). CE can not be limited to a survival game, the proof is that cities like Sepermeru and New Asgaard exist. In these cities, locals have tried to recreate a civilization.
Of course, some will explain that there are private servers with mods. Yes, it’s good but it requires playing on a private server with its rules and especially other mods that are not necessarily desired. For me, I think that CE must be as complete as possible on officials servers. Funcom is working hard enough to fix CE bugs, but I’m afraid players have gone before on other games. It is urgent to have more information on future extensions and to have new content : new neutral cities with quests, more placeables, new steps of construction (build in wood before building sandstone), new caves with objects or recipes to find, etc.


I totally agree, this game needs to evolve if they want to keep it for many years to come. Gameplay experience and the DLCs we are getting, its all repetitive. Conan Exiles has been through very few big changes, the few I can think are the pet system and climbing mechanics. None of those broke the game, for the contraty, added a lot more fun to it.

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The problem with quest content in multiplayer games is that they can’t really affect anything or they change the world for some players and not for others. Yes, this can be done and has been done in MMO’s before, but it’s still resource-intensive. More importantly, it’s one-off content - you do the quest, and then it’s done. It takes a lot of game designer resources (weeks, maybe months) to create a quest you play through in an afternoon, and then it’s back to the repetitive.

Or we could have repeating quests like Enapets lists… but how long until those turn into yet another repetitive content: “Oh, the princess was kidnapped again!” “Oh, the Darfari are attempting a summoning ritual - must be a weekday that ends in a Y.” “No way am I taking yet another escort quest from this idiot NPC I can’t direct and whose pathfinding stinks.”

Now, don’t take me wrong, I’d absolutely love more story-driven content, deeper immersion and all that. I just don’t expect that to be realistic in the foreseeable future.

I would love a new game that combined the best ideas of Conan Exiles and Age of Conan MMO.
Maybe something in between like a single player RPG using CE tech but with cities and zones from the MMO - Like Tortuga, Conalls Valley, Kemi etc.

Maybe they could even have multiplayer dungeons that uses matchmaking, then drops you back in your single player world after.

I’m thirsty for more Conan games, but not really enthused with the RTS they are working on :confused:

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