My thoughts on Chapter 2.0

Not that anyone probably cares… :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve created a number of threads critical of Funcom and Conan Exiles that got a lot of traction (lack of offline raid protection and sorcery being kind of “meh”).

Just wanted to say that I’m actually liking Chapter 2.0 and specifically the headhunting. It is great being able to get some ok T4 crafting thralls without having to grind for hours/days in some cases. Also it is actually fun capturing them. Without offline protection this is a good way to rebuild in a relatively fast manner when you do get wiped.

All in all, I hope they keep this feature as part of the game going forward.


Have to agree with this. Especially as a PVPer on Siptah XD


I third this. It actually sparked my joy for vanilla Conan again. Might even go full purist at some point again. Base game’s gotten hella fun


Go, it worth it, the feeling is awesome!

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