Sorry if I sound stupid, but I just have some questions

I see the the game was released today, but I been reading some reviews and getting some mixed info about the game/rating/internet connections etc.

My PlayStation is a ps4 pro, but also have a regular ps4 and my region I assume is the EU because of its pegi 18 rating on the ps store page.

  1. Does it require a persistent internet connection to play the single player for ps4?

  2. Will the game have a ps4 pro update to support 4K?

  3. I see the download size is about 40gigs. Does this include a day one patch or will the game install on that size then try download a patch, if so how big is the patch size

With regards to muliplayer, are there connection issues to the servers? (Psn network)

Lastly, (this pertains to the nudity which I can’t seem to get a clear answer on) will my version contain it or not. The reason I ask is because if it’s not going to get an enhanced version, I wanted to download it to the regular ps4, problem with that is I have younger siblings that use that console. So I want some clarification on that so Ik what console to download it onto cause I have greater control of the ps4 pro, but have limited hard drive space and would mean having to delete another game.

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