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Xbox one
The sound is way behind the action. This starts at the initial loadscreen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it worked fine. I then reinstalled the dlcs and it again occurred

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Will i get aanynresponse???

Maybe you should try an pm a dev about this and see if they know about this

Hello @HAILSTONE, could you please confirm if this issue occurring in both singleplayer and online, and if it subsides after playing for a while?

I ave not played in single player. I have a server so i play online. No , it does not subside after playinhg awhile. The sound is always behind the action.

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There ia a stopping and stuttering during the initial loading sequence with Conan even before i get to the screen to choose online or single player. From this stopping and stuttering at the initial sequence, the sound is behind the action. Does not matter if it is speech, background or fighting,the sound is behind the action.

The sound problem starts during the initial loading screen even before i can chose on-line or single player. It does not get better during the game.

I have noticed this as well on my Official PVP server and my Official PVE-C server. The game sound is way off from the game actions.

Any chance of this getting addressed? It really is annoying. Although, honestly, it seems ike xbox issues are not getting addressed nor is the community getting timely attention. Shame, love the game but support is again leaving much to be desired.

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Still no response, shame… really want to continue playing but given the continued lack of any real progress on the xbox platform (bug fixes, Isle of Sipta not out, crashes, etc.), not sure how much longer to stay. :disappointed:

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