Sound is gone after intro video

Hello. I have the same problem. Sound is not working after intro video.
I have a 55" Samsung Smart TV connected to my personal computer with hdmi cable.
Samsung has set as Default Device and everything els has been disabled.
Sound works fine when I connect new device like bluetooth wireless headphones.
I think Unreal Engine don’t somehow detect Samsung TV as primary sound device.
Is there any way to do it manually?

All drivers are currently up to date.

PC specs below:
i7 4770k
256gb crucial m4
512gb samsung 850
16gb @1600
creative sb x-fi
windows 10 x64

Were you able to keep playing with a controller after that?

That is correct. I only had to reconnect my xbox usb controller dongle.
You might have the same problem at the moment. Just try to take out every USB thing that might be related to sound. That worked for me :slight_smile:

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omg it really worked than you so much!!!

is your controller getting recognized when you plug it in already in game? I mean mine gets recognized but I can’t use it.

Yes. Everything works fine after connecting the controller again. It all depends what controller you have I think. Mine is microsoft wireless controller for xbox one and windows 10.

I have a Logitech x-input controller but after unplugging the controller it’s not working anymore. And I lost my audio again now I have no idea how to fix it. I have officially given up on playing this game.

Sad news from my end also. What worked yesterday does not work today. So back to square one.
I think the game only lets you choose one audio channel at the same time and for some reason TV wont work again even after everything els is disabled. I tried to reconnect the wireless xbox controller also.
No luck today. So i can either choose from no sound + xbox controller + tv or sound + xbox controller + usb wireless headphones.

Hello @HZo, welcome to the community!

We’ll poke the developers in regards to this since, as you’ve suggested, there might be an issue with the game detecting the expected sound device.

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