Soundtrack Blues

Love the game, love the music more.

When will Funcom make the music available to listen to? I would love to have the music as a download for the car trip to work!

I know you can “get it” on You Tube etc, but I want the legitimate album.

Funcom can we have the soundtrack as a DLC maybe?


Cd collector maybe? :heart_eyes:
while waiting still available on spotify

even more pleasant to listen to


Actually I was looking to buy it on Apple Music, and download onto my phone. Like I do with movie soundtracks.

I don’t like the subscription model of Spotify. I like to own, not rent property.

In any case, a real, wide release of the product is what I’m asking for from Funcom.


I want to have the option to change the starting theme on the beginning of the game, I am a true fan of the old starting theme, I remember waiting for all the theme to play before I proceed to the game :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


That’s a fantastic idea!! I remember an old Need For Speed game where you could select what you wanted to hear and when.

Funcom should totally do that!!

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It is such a lovely arrangement.
A direct source would be appreciated.

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Soundtrack is on Spotify

Yes I know it’s on Spotify, but, I want to own it, not “rent” it. Spotify is just one massive Blockbuster Rental Store. I want to pull out the soundtrack and listen to it without having to give up $12 per month for the privilege to do so.

Like I said in my original post, I prefer to own things, not rent them.


Spotify’s free in Australia, optional monthly sub to go ad free

yes of course, personally spotify and an alternative to discover and listen, then if I really like it I buy

otherwise what is your favorite title?

Adrift on an ocean of sand is for me the best , a magnificent title which has nothing to envy to the composition of Trevor Jones, Klaus badet or Hanz Zimmer

Definitely a great album

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No it’s not.

I signed up months back to Spotify and looked at the Exiles soundtrack. I have first hand experience here and can tell you that the album plays fine first time, after that you cannot access the tracks, select any tracks you wish to listen to, and if you just hit play, it will randomly select one track from the Exiles album, one track only, then after that single track is finished, Spotify will select a random track from different albums and you end up listening to an eclectic mix that you have no control over.

And guess what? The only way to gain access to control over what you listen to is -you guessed it- paying a monthly fee.

And back to my original point, you are caught up in the rental spiral all over again!!

So Funcom, please offer the soundtrack as a DLC, or to buy on Apple Music.

Hear, hear!


and Amazon? you can buy Mp3 album

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