[South America Servers Situation] Loading issue (loading taking forever)

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Server doens’t connect ]
Region: [SA]

I know this issue is being discussed all over the forum on the past weeks. But I’d like to still report it, as I’ve put it to the test today on all South America Servers.

1975 - full all the time, can’t even test
1976 - Connects 100%
1985 - full all the time, can’t even test
1986 - Connects 100%
1995 - Connects 100%
1996 - Connects 100%
1997 - Connects 100%
1998 - Loading forever. Connected once, but after logging out, the server won’t connect anymore.
1999 - Loading forever. Connected once, but after logging out, the server won’t connect anymore.

So, as you can see, there’s a great disparity between player base on each server. There are servers that you can’t even connect due to reaching 40/40 players connected all day long, while others (like 1998 and 1999), having maximum of 17-20 players connected.

Therefore, I believe if there are a few minority of players being able to access these two last servers, and the majority not, probably there’s something to do about a particularity that the majority doesn’t know.

This problem on servers 1998 and 1999 make those players who are able to connect, basically untouched, growing a community with few players and less worries, while the majority, fights to find a spot on a full server with older players already settled.


All servers connects, but 1998 and 1999 don’t. Yet, a few players can connect, and that’s a mistery.
This disparity makes the other servers to get full, and players can’t even connect to the game due to the slot availability.

Please fix the 1998 and 1999, as the same way you did with the other ones.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open the game with Battle Eye;
  2. Go to Multiplayer;
  3. Filter servers to “Official”, and “South America”;
  4. Try to connect on Official Server 1998 and 1999
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1997’s the same , the difference is that log issues come and go. You can see that in SA servers with this issue the number of players in those servers doesn’t pass 20.