SouthEast Watchtower Location Bug?

I wanted to finish the journy but the Southeast Wachttower can’t be located at the map. The trigger doesen’t react when you stand right infront of it. Porting to the exact coordinates isn’t working either. Do somebody know when this will get fix?


I am having the same problem. It will not discover and I have crawled around under and above the whole thing. Please fix this so I can finish my achievement.

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Forgot to mention this was reported 10 days ago and after only one reply and no resolution, it was closed. Location cannot be discovered?

having this issue also, official pvp

it’s probably because “new lands” will come in the south in 2.4 :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

I am also stuck in the same spot. Ran all around the area and around the base of the rockface, nuthin. :slight_smile:

Wow, still nothing? 0.1% of people have the achievement, so there must be a way.

Yep, after plenty of research, this achievement is unobtainable and completely impossible to get at the moment. Funcom has no idea that this is an issue. Another achievement that is completely busted is “The Outsider” achievement, which requires the wild surge aka the thing that was removed last update.

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any word on if these are going to be fixed im missing 2 journeys to get 100% completion on island of siptah. its the same issue on the exiled lands its just like they dont want us to have 100% on journeys. cant fight mummy of the ring or remove your bracelet.

Still hoping this gets fixed so I can complete all the steam achievements.

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I guess they killed the trigger while placing the new npc camps. But why is it so hard to fix it…
I really hope for a mod or something, cause Funcom isn’t really interested in fixing it.

My guess? It was left off and unobtainable so few people could get the achievement without exploring the new land added in the recent patch.

Maybe it’ll work now? :slight_smile:

Still doesn’t work. Glitched until patch.

Still not working after todays patch.

Just keeping this chat alive, cause the bug is still there!
Pls Funcom do something about it…

That’s what I been aiming for. Keep this chat going. It needs more attention. I know for a fact that the xbox and Playstation community will blow this glitch up when it releases on consoles. Console achievement hunters always get this solved.

I just got the achievement for exploring the Isle of Siptah and i don’t have the watchtower location discovered.

I just came here to say the same thing. There are 138 locations to discover.

I have been following this as well. I was finally able to get the achievement today. I also did not get the Southeast Watchtower location on my map and the steam achievement unlocked. I used Raestlin86 photo (for the new locations) and Gamen Guides map (it is not updated for the new part of the island). I can’t post a link so just type “gamenguides conan exiles: isle of siptah dlc achievement guide” into google and it should be the first link. I hope this helps!

I also got the achievement! Glad it finally got resolved. We’re still in need of a fix for the achievement “The Outsider”. Since wild surges were taken out of the game, that achievement is impossible to get now.