Spanky's Exiles PvE-Emberlight-Conflict-Fast-Mods US(more mods added 5/15)

We are a small group of friends who enjoy Conan Exiles and would like to grow our group.
No bs, no whinning, no griefing no blocking off important areas (trainers and recipes).
Server is hosted in central US to give a more balanced ping among players.
We have a team speak server.
We like to work cooperatively, but do enjoy the occasional brawl. Mostly pve.
We will be running mods, and are open to suggestions on what additional mods to add.
Current Mods
Level cap 78. Dont want it to high.
Loot Legendary Chest at any level
Item stack and container size
valhalla archery
valhalla health

To after mods update
City Life
Immersive Loot
Immersive Smelting
Trade mod either Dark Desires or Shadow Dynasty

Feel free to shoot me a steam message (profile name Spankatron) or a funcom forum message.
Thanks and come along