Spears, did they change them at all?


Is there any changes to spears and the heavy stumble effect? If not I dont see how any of these changes are going to effect the spear meta which is currently not only not fun but limits use in mass pvp combat to it only.


I have noticed no change in spears with this update.


So the only difference right now is bow may be a bit more useful, but the meta is going to still be light armor and arch spear. I swear I do not think they play their own game sometimes. This has been an issue for to long. It makes pvp pretty cheese. How hard is it to remove the the stagger from spear heavy attacks FFS.


Don’t nerf spears, just buff everything else.


Before the MOAP, I was on a server where we had a combat tournament. The obvious meta was to use an obsidian or legendary spear. I wanted to be different, so I used the 2h sword. While I easily made it through to the finals, the AOE of the sword just couldn’t quite overcome the range of said spear (although it was very close). It puts forth a valiant effort and is definitely a better weapon for facing multiple foes than a spear. So I think pike/spears are only meta in a 1v1 or boss facing situation.


It is not that hard actually, you can simply dodge/roll out of it.


They nerfed acheronian Spear damage by 2 (at least the flawless version).

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