Special one-handed attack changes other hand animation (bug 2.5)

Game: Singleplayer
Testlive type: Standalone
Lang: Polish

  • Special attack of one-handed weapon changes the animation of the other hand to holding the rope.

Hi @fito,

Can you elaborate a bit further on this? Also, if possible, can you send some screenshots to help us understand what might be the issue?

Thanks in advance.

:white_check_mark: After the usual (light and heavy) attacks, character keeps her left hand down.

:x: After the special attack, character keeps her left arm upwards as if holding a rope.

:no_entry: The hand remains in up position until the weapon is put away (or until we take out and put away the rope / torch).

I checked it on these weapons (all had this issue):

  • Curved Short Sword
  • Lovetap
  • Star Metal Pick

Thank you for elaborating on the issue. We’ll forward it to our team.

We appreciate your support. :slight_smile:

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