Speed Hackers - Is Battleye not working? [TestLive]

On TestLive US3, there is a clan that shows in the player list and elsewhere as ???. I’d guess its non-English characters just displaying that way. But that’s not what I’m trying to report. I’m reporting speed hacking :slight_smile:

Many have seen members of the ??? clan running crazy fast, doing circles around you, and weapon attacks with crazy fast animations.

If they can go that fast, they can also accumulate resources crazy fast, hit your base doors with weapons crazy fast, etc. Making a very unfair playing field. And they are using this to raid the heck out of everyone. This has been going on for weeks, and started again today (the raiding part). It makes people leave the server and is going to destroy launch if its still around.

I have a screenshot with many of their names (6 or 7), but wont post here. I can provide if requested.


What they need to do is server side location checks to check wether they are speeding or not, but performance wise it would be bad, so we have to keep dealing with speed hackers on the monicker “their hack-fu is too strong”

The ??? clan is in US1 too, 40 mins ago I was playing and saw one of them saying in chat that they use 3d party software.

Now, I only hope FC doesn’t allow this to happen at release, because it will be a disaster. We seriously need a report function in-game so hackers get banned.

Hey Marie -

I have seen the same thing on US1 with the ??? and fast movement.

Record on video, post it. Funcom have 3 weeks to fix it.