Spider Eggs and Locusts?

Soooo…I fancy that I am going to take the hundreds of gold coins I have and buy a gaggle of spider eggs and locusts (I know that’s not what they are really called) and low and behold…the merchants are no longer there, but a pirate queen who teaches me an alchemy and a merchant that sells me literally bull hockey mercenaries…… so the question is, where in the hell do you get spider eggs now to make the pets… or have they been removed from the game like all the other cool stuff the game had to offer?

No, they are still in the Buccaneer bay, but in some other place near the old one, maybe a bit higher. You’ll recognize it by cages with a spider and a shoe bill near the merchants.

I recommend watching the video Friespark81 did on the changes to the bay. It will show you all of the new things there as well as where the people you are looking for are.

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