Eggs and chances

This is just a a ramblin’ in my mind since quite some time now,
Would’n it be more “realistic” (follow me on this) if you could find (maybe as a rare drop) spider/locust/insect eggs in their lairs or body?
I find somehow dumb that merchants can sells those eggs and you cannot find the same product anywhere, where -dahell- these merchants find 'em? ok ok, I know it could “break” the merchants in floatsam but… but you can grab lions, rhino, elephants (as “hard” the area can be ok) and no spiders around? This applied to all kind of insects of course… what’s the point of locust’s lairs?
But maybe some kind of loot could be added in the game, maybe looting the giant spiders (if not adding spider’s egg chances into web/silk sacks).

Rambling nr.2
Isn’t it strange (or maybe it is just me? Singleplayer offline by the way) that you can find, lwhile looting around, steel, silver, gold or even meteor material but it is absolutely impossibile to find normal leather?
Not a real important question but… dunno: seems weird!


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