Spinning 2H Axes

I saw some people talking about spinning 2h axes but no one mentioned the names. Can anyone list which 2h axes are still spinning?

I would also be interested in a full list. From what I’ve tested, the Voidforge Great-Axe still is and arguably is the best due to the whirlwind effect. Trollbane is the only other one I’ve come across naturally, but a list may warrant me experimenting

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This one believes the Scythe of Thag used to spin to win.

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I remember seeing a list at one point that detailed which axes remained the old way and I couldn’t find it last night. Anyone have a clue where that list is? Was it in an old patch note?


New number, who dis?:stuck_out_tongue:


Found it on a Firespark vid 1:05. This may be old news since it’s been a year.

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I just tested them, all of them but the Scythe of Thag have the spinning moveset. So the ones that do have it are Voidforge Great Axe, Trollbane, Ripping Great Axe, and The Beak.

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What’s going to work? Teamwork

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