The scythe of thag

So I finally got the scythe of thag and was super excited to use it after watching videos on how its heavy attack performs as a spin attack. When I went to use it it had no spin attack for the heavy attack so I was wondering if they removed it as the heavy attack?

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It was said somewhere it was suppose to be one of the great axe with no change to it animation when the great axe animation rework came with the newest patch.
I don’t remember where I seen this, either funcom change their mind or it a bug or I just remember wrongly.

I remember seeing what BrutusWhitefang refers to (I think it was maybe some testlive patchnotes?) - but I also have a vague memory that, when the live patch came out, Scythe of Thag may have been moved from the list that was keeping the old attacks to the group with the new attacks - I just remember thinking that it seemed a slightly strange one to change. Not sure where I would have seen the reference to it, but I’d guess probably the patchnotes for 2.5.

RogueApex808 - off the top of my head - I believe Ripping Great Axe is one of the ones that still has the old attacks (but I think that may be Siptah-only (delving bench recipe)). Somewhere in the patchnotes for update 2.5 there should be a list of exactly which great axes kept the old (spin attack) animations and which got changed.

Edit: Found the right bit of the patchnotes (it was 2.5) -
Greataxes have received a major overhaul:

Fast light attack chain that can be chained endlessly. These attacks use quick jabs and strikes that use other parts of the axe, but deal less damage.
Slow and wide sweeping heavy attacks that bypass blocking.
Holding down the Special attack key will allow you to block incoming attacks.
These weapons will keep the old moveset: Voidforge Greataxe, Trollbane, Ripping Great Axe, The Beak.

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