2 handed axes on EL

Hello, just going to make a post to ask if we could kindly get a option to make whirlwind axes in exiled lands, its been quite some time since the animation changes and move set changes regarding the 2 handed axes but as far as im aware and please correct me if im wrong, but the only way to get the whirlwind axes is to play on siptah, is there any chance that we could get a option to change axes to whirlwind or get a axe added in exiled lands somewhere to have the whirlwind moveset, was really hoping with this update adding so much the option would appear somewhere but as far as im aware its not changed, would love to see the option to either farm or craft a axe in exiled lands with the old whirlwind moveset, thank you and best wishes o/

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Or just set the Scythe of Thag back to spin to win…
That would be nice.

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