Spit Emote Journal not there

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Bug
Region: America

I’m on a rented private server and ltierally the journal to pick up the Spit emote out in the mounds of the dead is not there on the ground. The two ghosts are there spitting, but the journal is no where to be found.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Me to, playing single player. Ghosts no journal. Even get the press e to interact but does nothing

I play single player as well. So, I entered Admin mode, activated Ghost cheat (no clipping n fly in one), and the book is there… it’s literally right under the ground (guess the Dev who placed this one didn’t align it properly). I was able to activate the book and learn the emote while I was under the ground, but I couldn’t get it to let me interact with the book while above ground. (The book, btw, is literally at the feet of the two ghosts). Try getting ahold of your server admin to grant you ghost long enough to learn the emote, I guess? In the meantime, Funcom really should raise the book above ground level, it only needs a few ‘virtual inches’ and it’d becomproperly interactable again.