Spitah Fog example

Hello dear Funcom team. A question for you. Why is the Fog so strong in the middle of the day? Almost the whole island is contaminated with it. And that doesn’t look nice or realistic. I have attached 2 sample pictures to show how strong the difference can be when the fog is off. I would lower the fog by at least 50-80%. In this example I have the fog on 1 and 0. Unfortunately, I could not adjust the value more precisely. Even when the fog is gone, the game looks 100% nicer and cleaner than before. You can recognize the water again and you immediately feel more in the forest than on the Vulcano. I hope you all know what I mean.

Could you please change that with an update in the future? Many players would surely like that. There are more regions where the game looks even worse. but I don’t want to show them now. On the south coast it’s a lot worse in parts.
Without any fog, you quickly notice that the big trees in particular have muddy textures. If it were up to me I would also update the Big Trees and make more variations of them. Breathe in a little more color and beautiful branches as an example. But like I said, I’m not in favor of removing the fog entirely. I would try to reduce it a little in the engine. So that the same trees and old muddy textures are not so obvious. As you can see from the small trees, they look much better. That’s the way I would design the big ones too. I hope I could help you a little with my suggestion. thanks for your time.


I have a suggestion. You could also add a 3-6 step fog control option in the settings. I myself am a fan of high contrast and less brightness. I use dark mode with all software. Exactly for that reason. I know that there are some people who like it brighter. Most people who have problems with their eyes. I can understand that. That’s why I think this option is really good. So I could finally reduce the milky image that is far too bright. Sometimes it lights up so strongly that it hurts the eyes. I have one of the best monitors in the world. So that’s not the point. Have enough options to reduce it. But you want to play, and not constantly adjust the monitor lighter and darker depending on the time of day … just to protect your eyes. haha ^^ Especially on the south coast it is very extreme btw … :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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How did you change the fog server settings?

In admin privilege, type in console:
r.fog 0

In order to reactive it, same way:
r.fog 1

Or add this line to engine.ini Steam/steamapps/common/Conan%20Exiles/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Engine.ini


Unfortunately it only goes on or off. you can’t change it yourself.
Volumetric fog option doesn’t change anything in the game for me.

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Thanks, I was thinking server side but player side works. Forgot about that setting.

Volumetric fog option doesn’t change anything in the game for me.

Too bad r.fog 0 or 1 does not work for regular players. Only admins get this feature (make sense though)

I can see why fog is necessary. Far distances do not always draw completely so you have some gaps in the layout (which mostly looks fine), also exposes imperfections like the skyline in the distance. So if you are standing a high location, tower, mountain top, you may see these now with fog gone.

I do not see any difference shutting off the volumetric fog option. May have a difference in certain locations / dungeons, otherwise have not found it where it makes a change yet.

Too bad the fog isn’t made for farther distances. Close locations, (unless its a foggy area) could have been clearer in my opinion but no idea on the mechanics behind it so it may not been possible. No complaints about the visuals, just a note/comment.

Although without fog in places like the unnamed city (EL) makes it less intimidating/foreboding.

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It does work if you do it in the game files :slight_smile:

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True. Although then its more permanent for the day you are logged in. I probably would have liked to turn it off for a screen shot situation then return it to normal. That is me of course.

Granted this was taken in the Unnamed city which should always have a fog for the area but amazing how different the two pictures look with and without fog.