Spitah playable in ps4

If the update comes out in 2021, could we still play in ps4?
Or we need to buy everything (dlc) again?

Hey there,

You will not have to re-purchase anything on the DLC’s full launch. The game and its DLCs are yours to keep once you’ve purchased them.
Current DLC content will work on the Isle of Siptah map and Isle of Siptah content will work on the base game map (mostly in the same way as current DLCs do).

As long as you own the base game you will only need to buy the Isle of Siptah DLC in the store to play with the Isle of Siptah content.
If you don’t have the base game, you will also have to purchase the base game (this is a DLC, not a new game - it depends on the base game to function).

OK, but can we play in ps4?
Cause if we can’t… U need to buy a new game… And all dlc…

You will be able to play it on ps4. The PlayStation trailer came out today on YouTube.

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