(SPOILERS) Complete List of Lore for South Africa - New Dawn

1 - 442, 385 One Flew Over (destroy practice target inside Brother Stone’s cage)
2 - 595,346 One Flew Over (in pile of corpses to the right after you enter Brother Tooth’s warehouse)
3 - 580,384 One Flew Over (inside the the cage)
4 - 462,372 One Flew Over (use broken drone after fighting Brother Knickknack)
5 - 472,770 Wrath of the Dawn (knock on gym door)
6 - 618,401 Wrath of the Dawn
7 - 548,385 Wrath of the Dawn
8 - 512,550 Wrath of the Dawn (Defeat Sampson, Brother Stone)

Demon Hyena
1 - 615,756 night
2 - 529,791 night (behind van)
3 - 479,572 night (between houses)
4 - drops from hyenas at night
5 - 445,721 night in outhouse
6 - 461,357 night (read entry on terminal)
7 - Foulfellow and Gideon (type “the buzzing” into the terminals)

1 - 615,756 night (on roof)
2 - 262,275 FoulFellow and Gideon (to the left inside an air vent right before the final hallway)
3 - 421,668 night (on roof)
4 - drops from kongamatos at night
5 - 469,676 night (on roof)
6 - 482,349 One Flew Over (stand next to the cage with a single egg until it hatches)

Marquard’s Mansion
1 - 269,282 Into the Fold (to the right at the end of the first tunnel)
2 - 401,400 Wrath of the Dawn
3 - 458,482 day (interact with poster)
4 - 241,419 Into the Fold (next to the fireplace after exiting the basement)
5 - 274,405 Into the Fold (inside a pit in the basement)
6 - 274,417 Into the Fold (inside the middle cage after freeing the cat in the basement)

New Dawn
1 - 454,652 at day (use motorcycle sprint to jump onto roof)
2 - 569,513 day
3 - 530,789 day
4 - 519,537 day (on ledge)
5 - 577,757 night (inside house)
6 - 409,482 Wrath of the Dawn
7 - 428,346 One Flew Over (use PDA on table)
8 - 264,355 Into the Fold (in a side tunnel near the purple orbs)

The Binding of the Aigamuxa
1 - 580,384 One Flew Over (outside behind warehouse)
2 - 512,312 One Flew Over (use mansion gate)
3 - 494,742 Wrath of the Dawn (outside Agartha entrance building)
4 - 556,385 One Flew Over (run over the candles around dead hyena in Brother Charm’s cage)
5 - 439,384 Wrath of the Dawn (pick up keycard from dead troops and use it to open warehouse)

----- The Perfect Cover Achievements -----
Foundling Achievement - Wear Morninglight Jumpsuit (Olive) and sit down on a church bench. (Level 1)
Anointed Achievement - Wear Morninglight Jumpsuit (Red) and use /worship emote at the fountain in the middle of level 2.
Favoured Achievement - During One Flew Over in the second warehouse with the corpse piles check under the left stairs for a hazmat suit. Use the skull on top of the entrace to the warhouse while wearing this hazamat suit.


Incredible guide, I am linking it to everyone who asks about where a lore is.

Also good on you for the info about how to get the “Perfect Cover” achievements. I tried doing these things in game but I guess I didn’t have the right clothing on or didn’t do them long enough.

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That was my last 3 missing lores^^ Thank you!

Oddly enough for that step every outfit works. No clue why shoulder shrug

Where should I start it? Hate that weird mechanic, when your super-duper-bee needs to climb a 3-feet-high fence thousend times to get that roof :frowning:

I’m guessing at which roof the lore is on based on those coordinates cause I collected all the lore years ago but to get on the roof at 454, 652 (and the one across from it) you don’t need to climb any fences or use a motorcycle: