[Guide] Farmguide for new SA Enemies [Spoiler...duh]

So after finishing all the new enemies myself I thought I talk shortly about how I did it and what I learned from it.

Demon Hyenas:
Pretty much doing itself if you go for kongamatu and regulary run the content

Trickiest of the three as it includes farming every of them in the night instance and reseting to day and repeat.
Helped that at one point I made a map of them and their flightpaths. Kill each of those, repeat and you should make the best possible progress:

Take the mission “wraith of the dawn” kill all of them on the rocket launcher step and reset the instance by going to the character select and getting back in again. There are roughly 60 of them up there and a few spawn in the foundling area every time (if you think the running around is worth it). Should give you the 2k pretty fast.

Not much to say about else…if someone finds a better way I am happy to hear it. I have a habit of picking suboptimal farming methodes.


Not a new mob, but there’s also a possibility for locusts during the day that might work for stationary group farming, not sure that it’s any faster than the more traditional locust farms though:

In the section of Cult of Personality that involves spraying/watering crops, do the wrong one to get one or two locust spawns, hit them with a shovel and repeat. With a group on separate plants (preferably spraying ones that need watering, as the animation looks a bit shorter), it might get a reasonable kill rate. Try not to interfere with any wannabee cultists.

It’s not really a better way, just a different one. Why bothering loosing time farming those, when you can just keep running missions regularly, getting kills alongside, for those who want to get 2k currency for the guise and/or the 1k points achievement ? By the time one will get those, all the kills will be fulfilled.

Because neither Wrath of the Dawn nor Things That Go Bump award points toward the True Believer achievement? (Things That Go Bump is pretty good for currency, though, with all the sidequests.)