So which monster grind do you find most tedious?

Currently grinding to finish out the Jinn monster achievement. When your IP is in the 800s it’s mostly tedious because there really aren’t very many in the game (they all die in about 3 hits).

The best farm I’ve found is just at the gate between SD and CSG, but there’s only 6 (7 if you count the boss over the gate but he has a fairly long respawn clock).

I suppose Revenants might be more tedious - haven’t finished those yet. Any other?

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Go do Hell Eternal dungeon (story mode) while you farm those at the gate, that’s what i did. You can net around 30 jinn each go i think.

Scorpions - farm the scorpion boss (Not done yet)
Revnants - farm the strange boathouse in the mist mission in SC (Partially done)
Wendigos - Farm the SC mission by the lighthouse (done)

There will be others i just cant think and i’m sure other people will add their own tricks to the table here.
Where there’s a will - there’s a way.

EDIT: To answer your question - I found them all just as tedious lol But the one i am not looking forward too is hunting down 100 scarabs for the acheevo to complete the fauna of egypt wing :crazy_face:

Probably not the answer you’re looking for but: None of them. I don’t grind kills. I’m not fussed about finishing my museum (in fact, I forget that it even exists for months at a time).

As for your specific example, I’ve maxed out my Jinn and Revenants kill achievements without ever grinding those, either.

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only scorpions which is ridiculous 2k


Komainu - Cause it needs lair and even then you need to wait for the respawns.
Shades - Just takes time
Scorpion - without a lairgroup willing to help it is just work going over every and each one
Mummies - because of the stupid dot they cast
Come to mind…

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I mean… every single one of mobs that spawn in just single zone is tedious to farm. Especially when you also need, like, 2k kills and mobs spawn only as single mob, not even group of two. And mobs that have just few spawn points, like Revenants or Jinns. Zmeu when you are low level is torture. Quite a lot of it is mentally bearable only when grouping with other people.

I grinded out my capstones and Dark Agartha gear with Zmeu (along with the faction missions) and the amount of grind in capstones really puts any monster achievement to shame. I was over 20k Zmeu before I finished my DA talismans. It was only ~100 zmeu a day, which isn’t even 10 minutes, it’s just 10 months straight of that really adds up.


Currently grinding to finish out the Jinn monster achievement. When your IP is in the 800s it’s mostly tedious because there really aren’t very many in the game

I don’t really do grinding sessions. If I am in the mood to complete one of my monster achievements, I try to combine it with other activities. For Jinn, you can also do the mission “Dust Devils” from Ptahmose. Inside the mission instance you will find six Jinn (IIRC). You get one more from the portal in the beginning of the mission, and there is also the Reliquar for a different quest around which you can kill twice as he is a fast respawner. And while you are near Ptahmose you can quickly go to the ghoul-infested ruins for two more Jinn.

Can be easily done as part of your daily routine to complete your challenges, and you have the slim chance to get an Agent reward, too. Personally, I like this slow and steady approach better than grinding sessions. I actually got my 2k Shades achievement just by repeating the subway mission and the board room (plus the occasional Kaidan and SC lair). Still no bunny ears, though.

I still mention this to people because it’s such a fun and surprising talking point that nobody expects lol "Have you heard about the Zmeu Queen? :open_mouth:

And i agree, capstone grind is just ridiculous.

Most mob grinds are done as you go through game and are easily done with lairs or fun “2k kill” groups. There are a couple of 5k kills i still need to do

I’ll tell you the most tedious grind: Players.

It’s the only kill counter that’s still at 10k, and you only get credit for them if you land the killing blow on them. All other trackers, you get credit as long as anyone in your group/raid hit them first.


I can’t rightly say what I find most personally tedious, but I can say what take the longest to farm and how repetitive their farms are! I can say what monster farm I love most, but I’ll save that for the end of this post~

The most infamously tedious by sheer kill rates alone would be Zmei and Jinn.

Zmei have absolutely no farm methods outside of clearing out their spawn points in CF, and their respawn time isn’t particularly speedy and hinders the overall rate. You’ll be doing the same thing over and over again for Zmei for a long while.

For Jinn, you have a few options (select missions, overworld spawns, or eternally Hell Eternal) and you will get some passively during scenarios as well, but the kill rates for all Jinn methods are in fact slower than Zmei… by far. Jinn will take a long time no matter how you do it, though you will have some variety.

Shades used to have a very fast farm method, but that method no longer exists so it feels a lot more tedious to people nowadays. They’re still scattered about in a number of places and missions. Luckily, they’re a bit more numerous than Jinn and they are grotesquely cute.

Komainu are tedious and, unlike other monster types, not necessarily feasible to farm solo depending on your gear. Learn to love the Kantoku Temple, because that’s the only place to find them.

Scarecrows can be tedious and slow similar to Zmei, but you can get a good chunk of them while doing scenarios. Personally, I enjoy their solo farm in the Besieged Farmlands - you can get a few Revenants while you’re at it!! I just like Revenants.

Other monster types that are oft-lamented (like the Scorpions mentioned earlier in the thread) actually have farm methods that can get 1k or more per hour. The difficulty for those usually lies in organizing a group and ensuring it stays together long enough to complete set goals for everyone involved.

Personally, I ADORE Revenants and their farm. They’re good birds!! They aren’t tedious to me and I know all their quirks. I love them.


Zmei was easy there’s two spawn pools in CF and you can jump between them, short wait time… and can kill guardians if nothing else is there.

For Djinns there’s 6 djinns in near Amir in Egypt…

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It’s the kill rates for those two that make them particularly tedious.

For Jinns, I was able to do Dust Devils from Ptahmose, then after clearing the CotSG gate area in SD again I was able to zap back towards the Dust Devils portal and re-enter, with the Jinn inside having respawned.

Does this still work? I was able to drastically increase my Jinn kills per hour this way.

It worked year ago but it still feels grossly slow. I personally made it killing Jinns before CotSG’s gate, it somehow felt better for me. Just short session every other evening.

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For Zmeu there’s the Power Plant, the Orochi camp and the Springs.

Although I found that there are enough Zmeu at the Springs and they respawn fast enough that I didn’t usually have to wait - I could finish the ones down in the depths and then cycle back to the entrance.

The problem with the Jinn in SD is that you kill them and then wait, unless you have some other monsters to kill. Fortunately I also need mummies, so the springboard sends me to a place where there are a lot of them. Of course that isn’t getting the Jinn done any faster.


I would label Komainu the most tedious grind, since it’s the only one where 99.9% of players need to join a raid to get the kills required.

Although if you want speedy Wendigo kills you have to get help from another player, but it’s only to speed the kills up, you can still solo it – just slower.

Farming Scorpions from one dungeon boss sounds like a very tedious experience. Got no idea why you’d want to do it that way, when you can run around in Scorched Desert right outside the camp with Nassir (Serket’s Domain) and get it done super fast.

Player kills aren’t technically labeled under monster kills, but let’s table that discussion for another time :stuck_out_tongue:. This is a simple way, although still tedious. You can use the Rosenbrawl to get the player kills you want, if you don’t feel up to getting ganked in Shambala. :wink: But, you’d need help from at least one other player. If you have access to two accounts it’s super easy, but still takes a long while to do.

Doing both Zmeu groups in Carpathian Fangs – the Power Plant and the Orochi Camp (27 kills for one run circuit) will leave precious little downtime in-between. Check this old SWL video, or this map (yes, making full maps with monster spawn locations is an ongoing project). A side bonus is getting a Guardian kill every 2-3 circuits.

Secondly, there is a fast method for killing Shades, which is in the Roman Baths – also in Carpathian Fangs. Kill the 4 around the filth pool, kill the filth “boss”, and do a quick sweep of the surroundings to reduce the in-between spawn wait to 30 second or less (depending on your kill speed).

For those wanting an overview of easy to farm solo locations – no dungeons involved (with the exception of Komainu and Wendigo), here is a list of the achievement roster.

You have very, hmm, interesting understanding of “fast” here. Faster than other methods - maybe. But not fast at all, hence lots of people here find it “tedious”.

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The route of the Old Power station over the bridge from Zana Springs, enclosed area across the frozen river/lake and then the springs has 56 Zmeu.

Pretty close to the route I use; the two loops are where I run upstairs and back down. zmeiroute

You also missed or have overlapping marks in the lower building, it has a long spawn (10 min?) unique mob on the bottom floor and a fast spawn (~30s) on the top floor that’s part of a mission.

I didn’t use the hot springs much cause it has a lot more missions in it.

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