Have gather rates been decreased on official?

Normally when i do a run at silent legion a get about 20k but after a 8gb update on xbox im only getting about 17 to 16 k . If anyone is also having this problem , then after doing SL go down to mounds of rhe dead and go to kings niche to finish of your farm

20k peanuts? What resource are you talking about?

Bones, sorry thought it was common that the only thing people farm at silent legion is bones

First time I hear of anyone farming that amount of bone… why?


My best guesses would be:
• Burlap Pouch (but that’s a lot of bones :eyes:)
• Skeletal Decoration to farm Yog Zeal??? But you can just farm zeal on humans instead eh…
• Bonemeal, my only real guess, which would then be used to make compost to farm Grey Lotus :catnobanana:

Ummmm the ONLY thing I farm at black keep is Heart of the Kinscourge and with the AoW update, it’s no longer worth it. Just go once to get the SL armor recipes and be done with it.

Bones? Unnamed city has easier skeletons than the SL NPCs in far greater numbers. Also the Summoning Place has ST of bones in the chest so as you harvest zeal, you can restock your bone inventory.

MORE: Also…why do you need that much bone?

The zath temple dagger will allow you to farm those yellow sacks from spiders. They have more bones than you could ever wish for. It’s one of the best ways to get ichor too.


Oh wait…I remember now…and its one of the reasons I can’t stand PVP anymore. I can’t drink enough wine to match the cheese that comes off those servers.


You farm silent legion for bones? When there’s perfectly good skeletons and loot in the Unnamed City?

The skeletons are easier to kill , but they also have putrit meat , so the nunbers are never the same doing unamed but if you do silent legion they only drop bone when harvesting them . Also it only takes about 8 to 15 min to do silent legion , also 20 k bone for a yogs protection

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But they also drop putrit meat , and there always scattered around .

Its hit or miss with the zath sacks tbh , sometimes you get lots of bones other times you just get corpses.

Quikest way of farming a bubble on pvp servers 20k bone and 50 k stone makes 500 statues and each statue gives 1 zeal


For the decoration , one run gets you enough to make 500 decoration basically 500 zeals also it only takes about 10 min to complete

For zeals its either kill 250 humans or kill about 40 skeletons , takes less time farming bone for decorations

And? If you don’t want it, you can drop it. If you do, great. Makes great compost and t1 satchels

Its all about time to be honest , with normal skeletons sometimes you can kill 4 in a row and all they drop is putrit , when farming its better having consistent gathering than random luck

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Nah, you always get bones if you farm a cave. You don’t get all bones, but you get more than you can possibly need. But you can keep farming the Black Keep for bones, because that’s really smart. :rofl:

Well it is mate , spawn at silent legion kill all skeletons in 10 min then teleport back to base , ive tried the zath way its just to inconsistent i killed around 60 spiders in the kurak dungeon and only got 6k bone . Armored skeletons only drop bone and thats what im after . Also my question was is gatherrates have decreased not other inferior ways of farming bones :v:

One run at weaver’s hollow. One!

3.420 bones.
905 skulls.
1x harvesting rate.

Spare me.