Have gather rates been decreased on official?

Or one run of a dungeon 20k bone and only use about 1:30 minutes of pick oil timmer , try it once before talking ,also its pvp servers time is everything

Just wanted to mention that corpses also produce bones, if you put them in the fluid press. I’m not weighing in on the discussion about the most efficient way to farm bones, only throwing a tip, in case you find it useful.

Yes true but takes time, on a pvp server everything is about time and consistency

One Black Keep run (and outskirts) with a Black Blood Pick

1.673 bones
28 skulls

And it costed me my stolen lemurian armor. :smile:

Get out of here!:laughing:

It takes time? You can’t even compare the time it takes to clear the spider cave with clearing the black keep. The boss’s bones are there too.

Without Oil of Bounty I presume?
Well, I will make some tests after I farm my Jhebbal Grove :notlikethis:

Though I have a guess, which is that Zathite Bags grant the same amount of resources regardless of server settings, while on PvP there is (was?) a 4× Harvest Rate multiplier.

That might explain all this tbh.

Pve players are on another level :joy: i can clearly tell you didint use a oil mate also your gear is terrible

It might. It would make a difference.
But even so. You clear the spider cave under 5 minutes. Even if you can get 1k or so more with the oil on it doesn’t pay.

Dude it’s all stoken stuff. I haven’t crafted shit yet. :smile:

On pvp its x4 from one armored skeleton you get about 450 bones so two skeletons is nearly 1000 bones this is with a black blood pick with a oil of bounty on . Takes about 10 min to do dungeon when you get used to it and about 1 minute of oil timer . Problem with normal skeletons is you can gather putrit meat when harvesting so out of your 2 hits you could get 200 bone and like 150 meat or if your unlucky two hits give you meat

From a single armored skeleton? Hum… that definitely changes the math…

Thats why its best to make a point if have the knowledge of the server type and harvest rates

I wasn’t remembering the ridiculously high harvest rates on pvp now. 4x.

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I swear the harvest rate makes PvP broken baseline, without even the hacks, cheats, and exploits…
But eh, that’s another debate!

Don’t you have a way to check the server settings in-game @Zeatros?
On PC before joining a server you can check the settings on the right of the server list :eye:
And while playing in the settings we have access to the server settings (but can’t modify them, obviously).

Settings are all the same as before age of war , but still not getting as much as when AoS was out , honestly its probably a ghost change funcom did like always

It’s been 4x for a while, yes.
How much are you getting now per skeleton, @Zeatros ?

Thanks a million! I never done it because my most used religion when they had a meaning was set. Yog was always for decorative reasons on my houses and Ofcurce once the yog stakes was my main food to go to the north since they were replenish both hunger and humidity back then.
On pvp servers i was using Yog just for the avatar, it was very easy to find a named priest but never thought of this trick.
So thanks a million again :+1:t6:.

I noticed the same issue on obsidian harvesting for gold. Before the update in a fast run just with an advanced star metal pick with the careful harvesting i was farming more than 1.1k gold stones. After the update about 700 in the same run. So i believe that we had a small nerf to rng recourses.
On the black keep you do have some skeletons fighting sabers under the pilgrimage way, harvest them too.
One last question, what’s the tool you use, what upgrade and what perk?

About 400

Spawn at black keep kill 4 skeletons near bridge run up right stairs kill 4 continue up another 4 up abit more 1 in corner turn left group up 5 skeletons enter dungeon turn right run past first two skeleton open both doors group 4 skeleton then go up stairs group 3 skeleton in tunnel continue down tunnel group 4 skeleton near big grait area go to key location group up them 4 or 5 go to boss kill him and both skeletons jump down to ledge just before water leads you straight out of dungeon by then the first 4 skeletons near bridge have respawned , if you still havent got enought spawn at mounds go to kings neich theres about 10 armour skeletons there.

Stats full vitality last stand
Full agility double jump
Full encoumbrance best of burden

Blood pick with oil of bounty
Light silent legion helmet and torso
Kurak leggings spiderclimb boots
And light dragon gauntlets
Go with a shortsword or katana
One shortsword quick stab combo kills a skeleton


Even so. 400 per skeleton still pays with a 4x harvesting rate by a large amount. And you can always kill the spiders in the black keep, using zath’s dagger to harvest them. With some luck you’ll land a few extra sacs. There’s a room with 5 or 6.

Your thinking of warmakers