[Split Thread] Loot Feedback

Let’s continue giving feedback shall we?
Guys you have 1000 topics to complain, this is not the one please. Say the problems of the game and try to stay as positive possible. They ask for help and we give s…t again, really??? Then you complain why they don’t give a dime about us, why should they when we whine in every single topic :man_shrugging:.

Ok feedback!
Are we allowed to mount in warmakers?

If yes ok, if not it needs fixing.
Plus it’s lagging A lot!!!
I will test it in single player too and i will come back with this lag issue, maybe it’s server issue.

Funny comments!
Let this guy out, please!

After all these years of when i will fight the Yeti, this is how you answer? Mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Edit. No it’s not lagging at all, the whole dungeon runs smoothly, congratulations!
And cherry on top?
This is what we should have all this time by killing this lady, Bravo!!!

Not sure if you are serious here, but maybe try a tool on that ice wall and see if the yeti wants to play or not?


Really :heart_eyes:, omw, omg i am in, runniiiiiiing, Yeti here i come :tada:


Another dream come true :tada::tada::tada::tada:. Thanks a million @forkyeah, YOU ROCK :metal:


As this is loot feedback, this one has a few things to note

Generally, this is positive.
Many end dungeon chests have excellent goods as well as the random legendary.

Enemies having the gear they carried is appreciated.
Altho this one suggests that, perhaps, certain enemies carry different gear. Silent Legion armour is a bit too common now, especially with the plethora of other armours untouched by NPCs in the game.
Named Relic Hunters could perhaps wear the Stygian Heavy or Raider outfits, perhaps Zamoran Thief.
Jailors could wear the Hyrkanian Raider set.
It gives these sets more presence and reduces the Silent Legion Heavy armour bloat.
Again, overall, this is an excellent update, but could use a touch of fine tuning.

There is one area this one would suggest a reduction.
Taxidermied Animals.
In chests, yes, fine.
But dropped on bodies?
Perhaps no… Who the cluck carries plushy Giant Scorpions to a dig site?
Ok, so, full disclosure, this one would carry a giant plushy scorpion to an archeology event.
But this one is about a county west of sane.


Fortunately we can throw taxidermy critters in dismantling bench .not worth the effort if you don’t have a bearer at 25 pounds apiece. Lots of interesting placables and weapons Good gfood especially once you get a preservation box.


With all the food and furniture you get from camp chests/mobs now…

Really should have just called it the Hearth and Home update?


That question kept me awake at nights, too. One possible answer: They didn’t bring those stuffed animals to the dig site, but that is what they dug up.

The Giant Kings were huge fans of stuffed and taxidermied animals, which they called Non-Functional Taxidermy (NFT) to differentiate it from raising the dead.

The Giant Kings attributed great value to those NFTs, which were thought to bring great fortune in the future. They created and traded scores of the NFTs, which in quite a short time formed the basis of their whole financial economy.
Overproduction, however, led to a deteriotation of NFT prices. When the market for NFTs and thereby their empire started to collapse, many Giant Kings hid their NFT across the Exiled Lands, to dig them up when prices would start rising again.

The various Factions are beginning to uncover the Giant Kings’ NFT legacy, and are now starting a similar cycle. The obvious importance the Giant Kings gave to their stuffed animals is taken as a promise of power, wealth or sexual prowess by many, and so, a secret war about finding and hording these ancient relics has begun.

Or, in short, yeah, maybe reduce their drop rate a little bit.


The loot in the chests of Sepermeru is the one of the loot changes i didn’t enjoy so far. But i believe that this will stop the Sepermeru magnet for land claim we have all these years. The loot on the frost giants is a change that puzzles me. They had absolutely perfect loot but we had a rare spawn of black ice on chests and giants. So in an only looting session black ice was really difficult to be obtained. We must not forget that this game has no boundaries to roles and creativity!

I am starting feeling the same tbh. I still cannot understand why this loot revamp went “so much” in decoratives. I was playing in ps4 until recently and for a couple of years now i had to keep decor to minimum.
Maybe they give us decorations to tell us that decor is not “the issue”. Maybe!
Then again food! This is good if you ask me. We have countless complaints in here about food and cooking. But mostly these complaints was not stabile, because cooking could effect this game. So i believe that they teach to the players what’s cooking and brewing does.

About the loot changes i am still in the learning process, i still feel fish out of waters and it’s really obvious that this was their main reason. Believe it or not, for me it’s very important to know the “loot keys” of each map. It will take me more than a month for each map separately to learn these keys again. For others this can be annoying, for me it’s amazing, i feel reason if you are getting me.


Somewhere there must be a JRPG where one of the characters (probably a little girl) uses a plushy giant scorpion as their main weapon.

To me personally, picking up and displaying someone else’s hunting trophies would feel like cheating. I killed the hunter, not the beast, so if anything I should stuff and mount the hunter’s head on my wall.

I’m also finding myself needing to put some effort into suspending my disbelief when a single Cimmerian chest contains three wardrobes, three barrels and two Aesir barricades, each of which have larger dimensions than the chest. If Funcom would like to go further in making various treasure chests look different and more easily identifiable, they should consider making some of them look like blue telephone kiosks.

(I long ago stopped worrying about where exactly my character would be carrying those same pieces of furniture, so I’ll probably get over this one, too.)


A bit darker than most Conan fiction, but still…


I’m with you on this. We have murder, cannibalism, enslavement and wearing black shoes in the countryside in this game. Let us have this!


Still, never found yellow snow to eat!

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Before i start thank you @Croms_Faithful for sharing this information about the chain. A view of this dungeon like never before :heart_eyes:.

Now, back to the loot feedback.
Am i playing Siptah?

No my friends, i am still in exile lands, i am in the updated well of skelos

I have spend so many hours in the past looking the beauty of the work people did design this area and it was bitter for me that such beauty had no great interest from players. Now things are about to change, i believe that pve to pvp will visit this area more often now. I even find a glimpse to the future, music instrument…

The well is filled of treasure, xp farm, end game items and fun.
Plus it has so much brimstone that can be compared with the mineral lake. It even has obsidian nodes. For a late game player this hell will become paradise, amazing revamp.
Last but not least the Serpent-man gives a skeleton key every five minutes, the respawn is very fast and the fight extremely easy.
Another journey that made me feel rewarded for exploring again.

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There’s really a lot of brimstone in the Serpentmen dungeon. Is that new, or did I just not notice it in the past?

Either way, the dungeon may be a good spot to farm stone, obsidian and brimstone now. Bring your pick!

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Before i went inside this area, i mentioned that a lot of spawns of obsidian nodes were missing.
In the beginning of the age actually and i find it really weird, i even send message to @CodeMage about it since he is a unique volcano farmer. I was entering the well but i was always using my quick path to the final without exploring the volcano. In the past i have spend endless days in the volcano, on PlayStation we didn’t had the lava pools for a period and you could go under in the huge plateau. There was nothing interesting of course,
So as i was saying in the beginning, the “missing” obsidian nodes from the external area are added in the well and more. The well didn’t had obsidian nodes at all inside.
I know this because years ago i took steel with me believing that i will find and harvest obsidian in the well. I find none and i went back outside to bring obsidian so i can fix composite bars.
About brimstone i don’t quite remember but in these numbers no fk…g way. It’s an unbelievable biome now in there, you go out rich and lvl up your thralls too.
This revamp is amazing @Khaletohep

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Positive feedback? No such thing, why should I bother to write anything when the game works as intended?

Hahaha I saw that video, there were guys without pants on the other side of that wall.

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It’s the proper thing to do.
You go to your job every day. On the way you stop for a coffee on take away. You pay for the coffee, why should you or the person in the cashier has to say good morning, or even thank you. There’s actually no other reason than the obvious, it’s proper and kind.
Now why devs need positive feedback?
Who doesn’t?
In my job as a professional, of course i do my job to get paid, but money is not my only payment, my real payment is the satisfaction of my costumer from my job. This is what’s boosting me to go on, not their money only. If someone pays me but he is not happy that means that i didn’t do my job right and probably this is the last time i will ever see this costumer. So i have 2 choices

  1. money grab and who cares!
  2. Try to fix my mistakes until my costumer is pleased.

I believe that the policy that these devs are following is number 2. Their efforts are obvious for me. There for i have to point what I like to boost them a bit, being always critical and negative doesn’t help either side. My job the last 12 years my friend is to manage personel, pointing their mistakes only never helped to get a better outcome!


Some serious changes on camps as well.
Let’s start from Sobek!
Now every single Sobek npc gives armor pieces, obsidian weapons, dragon bone bows and Serpent-man weapons.
These armor pieces bellow was just from the 3 first guardians, it’s insane how many armor pieces you can loot in just one visit.

Then killing a Berserker is giving you again a big amount of cimmerian steel armor pieces.

Teimos camp!
The amount of argossean dream dust you gain in a single visit is equal for a week gaming session, every single npc is giving you breathing mask and the loot table of Teimos has big variety of armor pieces

I got so many masks that got me scared fir awhile… Is the next age the age of flood so they provide so many masks for free :laughing:.

My best for today was these eggs, i found my first snake egg

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The Sobek cave is a good place to cheaply and quickly equip thralls. The Sobek armor is not top-notch from an endgame perspective, but if you want to equip 10-20 thralls, this the place. It has decent armor, and some extra health is always useful, especially for low-level guard thralls. In my experience, the Sobek cave was faster and safer than farming Cimmerians for their armor.

Also, it gives your base a cadre of crazy crocodile cultists.