[Split Thread] Loot Feedback

Give me your lights please master @Khaletohep. I haven’t try to slave them yet. Can i?

No, they’re not thrallable afaik.

I read that the fighters can or could be thralled, but that aren’t really useful. For cheap guard thralls, I recommend the Volcano. The level 3 fighter from the volanco seem to be bring a good mix of starting health and damage multiplier.

The nordheimer towers are als a good place to farm level 3 fighters.

For follower thralls, Darfari cannibals apparently are the current “meta”.


Thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate it :hugs:. With the new age i started slowly to return to official gaming as a regular. A little bit before the merge i quit the regular gaming in official servers, i was jumping to ftom server to server to play for others, i had lost my interest to build and maintain something for me. It seemed pointless to lvl up thralls for no reason in pve servers. Actually we were fighting rng back then and the perk warden or dead eye was our lvl 20 nightmare. I had a big interest to volcano thralls, (especially Spinas and Anos), female Berserkers, Dalinsias and female relic hunters. From the purge thralls my favorite was Lesteret the unsung hero, nobody else. This time however, i play in a totally different style, i give interest to any named thrall and i try to have one from each kind or name. I am not interested to have top notch army at all, just one of each name. It helps in a point that you don’t have to name differently you 20 Berserkers :laughing:. I will try tomorrow to slave a Sobek and see how they grow and if they worth it. I will even go to Buccaneers bay, although i play Teimos in pvp a lot, on pve servers he was banned from me, now it’s time to have one Teimos too. I really hope i won’t exceed the cap before i bring all the names i can get.

I started with a friend on a random official server shortly after AoW chapter 2 released :slight_smile:
There is no better way(at least for me) than to start with a fresh character when testing out new content and updates, so besides the initial lag problem and high ping issues, the ping problems still persist and I sometimes have a lot of problems trying to log into the server, but usually manage to login after some time, so at least it is not a huge problem that prevents me from playing :slight_smile:

So about feedback on the new loot system :slight_smile:
I both hate and love it…
It’s not that I don’t like better loot, it was a much needed change, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount you get, and also by some of the types like mentioned by others here, for example the amount of hunting trophies and taxidermied animals which you find also makes me feel like stealing trophies from a hunter.
Anyways these were some of my smaller issues, however I find myself getting way too much of things from loot that kinda make some harvesting and crafting redundant.
For example I find so many of the high tier dishes that I haven’t had a need to cook food at all after some hours into the game, my chef at the stove is bored to death, the only cook that has some work to do is the one by the campfire cooking some meat or gruel for thralls, any stove recipes feels a bit useless with the amount I get from looting, I think I have 2 fridges full of the really good dishes, and for that reason I can’t remember if I ever cooked something on the stove yet :joy:

Another example is some of the more high tier resources like Grey Lotus, I have more than 200 of both grey lotus seed and flowers + close to 100 powder from loot which means that I have absolutely no need to make compost to grow them myself.
And grey lotus is not the only resource that I got in plentiful amounts from loot, there are other things that felt a bit too much.

Like I said earlier, I think it was a great idea to revise the loot because it mostly didn’t feel worth taking before.
I don’t know what the right balance would be, but I do enjoy getting rare loot, especially things that we cannot craft ourselves like basic resources, armor, treasure items and other deco, but also rare resources, just not in amounts that put my workers out of job and makes it not needed for me to go out and harvest them - I know that I can dismantle most things… Btw am I the only one having problems not being able to dismantle perfected hardened steel weapons gotten from loot?

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This. I cannot say or speak about balance yet. I still didn’t felt sick about looting something, it’s too early i guess.
But now more than ever i need the Thrall pot to work. The variety of food you gather on the way is so big that it would be fun to put them there and actually feed them. This however is more question than wish, is the Thrall pot working?

On the private servers this one is on, the Thrall pot sorta works.

To explain:
Food leaves the pot and goes into the inventory of the thralls feeding from it.

The thralls then may or may not eat it
But the same is true of any food in thrall inventory that is not force fed to them.

In single player, it seems like to work too well.

To explain:
As many stacks of food as possible fill the thrall inventories out of the pot.
Whether they eat it or not is anyone’s guess, but it vacates the pot and goes to them.

Related question,
Where do we learn the recipe for spiced fowl?
Is it new? So much food drops now that this one is seeing snacks that this one has never seen before


On another post some one mentioned that there thralls from running with him on the map and possibly getting food from other players thrall pots until inventory is filled. @LostBrythunian

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I believe we don’t. I always take pirate cusine but i don’t remember seeing it in the menu

No it was always there to buy it from the Buccaneers bay merchant, the one that sells the alchemists and the warriors. After the age of sorcery however it became extremely heavy and you needed different coins to buy it. It was really strong before to survive in the cold areas but it was removing much humidity. After 2.4 it started giving buff and in the age of sorcery the buff was enormous to vitality. I haven’t use it in the age of war because of the weight.

What really irks me about this one is that Silent Legion armor is special in game, since it is linked to a cool dungeon boss, and every other barely successful schmuck is running around in it.
As you said, there are many underutilized armors in the game already, so why pick one that should not be mass-produced to be a standard-issue equipment?

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And regarding loot feedback - I think that there should be regional loot tables. I don’t think that composite obsidian bars should be found anywhere but in the well/volcano, same as hardened steel/star metal bars should not appear south of the highlands.
It feels like it diddles the regional progression. Stricter regional loot tables would conform with regional progression and would also make targeted resource gathering more consistent.

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Finally we got a change in wine cellar too

Now, does anyone knows what’s this?

Most welcome my friend. The view is nice up there is it not? Ever since finding all of the scaffolding and platforms leading upward in the Scorpion Den/Silver Den dungeon, I have been keeping one eye on the ceilings for hidden nooks and crannies. I spotted the chain running down from the platform above.

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I got one from one of my Purges. It is used to transform our siege cauldrons into the new flaming/hot siege cauldrons.


Thanks a million :metal:.

Anytime good buddy.

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Sobek warrior can still be thralled. Don’t know if it’s worth it, though.

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I think the Components of Advanced Warfare should’ve been called “Sufficiently Advanced Technology” instead.


Coup de Grace landed on exile lands :heart_eyes:. @SirBowen i don’t know if wiki is updated with this, but if not i believe it’s important.

(The panther boss on midnight dungeon)

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Wow, nice find.

I did a volcano run today and checked what I got:

30k stone, 20k sulphur, 750 gold ore, tons of obsidian. This includes some stuff colllected on the way from the obelisk to the dungeon, walking a straight path there.

I used a Blackblood Pick and the Detect Resources spell.

There’s lots more stone there, didn’t even try to get all of it. Some of the sulphur is in very weird places, e. g. at a lava stream that can only be reached by climbing. But it’s quite nice.

The loot from the chests is questionable except from those at the final boss. But the snakepeople all drop pretty useful stuff now. Can definately recommend.

The Silver Mine and Klael’s Stronghold are just as good if not even better and a bit easier to reach. Best XP gain is still from the Jhebbal Sag dungeon imho. It also gives great loot now, though mostly from the humans.

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It feels this way for me too. They changed again the xp you gain from skeletons, killing bosses doesn’t give a lot but killing skeletons does.

This is something that needs reason. The only useful is the javelin. Did you notice something else @Khaletohep?