Remove pointless items from RNG in Chests

Hello Funcom Brains

So I was running around in the volcano. Killed ten dudes to get to a chest out the back of where the enemies were, took a bit of effort to get there and then finally open the chest to find…4 pieces of dried wood, and that was all!

So. Can you guys please, at your next morning meeting at 9am, write on your whiteboard- “remove dried wood from RNG for chest loot”. Discuss it thoroughly as you do, but then go back to your computer and click clack to remove it and all other pointless items from loot chests that are inside dungeons.



Just curious. What do you consider to be not pointless?

After a point, EVERYTHING that can be found in a chest in the game is pointless to someone.

Have five legendary daggers, unlock another chest, get another copy of the same dagger. Pointless. Yet, for someone else, that same set of daggers is special.

What is the solution you can offer aside from what boils down to: I am frustrated by the lack of loot, plz fix?

Me: I’d like to see expanded loot tables broken by region. Instead of the (apparent) single shared loot table on the entire map.

  • lower level stuff in chest scattered around low level zones / river with the occasional rate drop off harder to get items.
  • mid tier stuff south of the highlands with reduced chances of low grade materials and a higher chance of harder to get materials and perhaps non-legendary gear. maybe even some occasional loot from the season.
  • high tier materials and items in the highlands and frost and volcano, etc

But that is all still generic. what I might consider worthwhile, you might not, so what do you see as valuable loot that will not imbalance things?

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Please! You are offering semantics to a very valid concern. As I agree with the spirit of the original poster. Not that anything will be done, its been like this for years.

Loot chests I believe do scale somewhat, its just a matter of what is considered for each tier. No way should a low quality resource/item be in a high tier area except in the cases where that resource/item is scarce in the area. For instance, using the op location the volcano. Most of the chests should contain items of the npc/ mob difficulty for the area, but they could also contain plant fiber as that does not exist in the volcano area. See?

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What happened is someone looted the chest sometime before you got there and it hadn’t respawned yet. Chests come with a bit more than 4 dried wood.



Semantics? In what way? I asked what would not be considered pointless? And offered a general example of what might be done to correct it. I agree that it is frustrating to get nonsense as loot following what could be an epic struggle. or deep exploration

I am not disagreeing with you or the op. The loot tables can get repetitive. See my example with the legendary daggers. The first time I found a set: Special! By the fifth time… not so much, this is even more an issue now that 3.0 has landed and I may be using a strength build so the fifth set of daggers are ‘pointless’ when what I really want is a good axe (example). the non-legendary chest are worse in that it is random crafting material usually, often not much use to higher level players.

What I do disagree with is complaining with a snarky, unhelpful, ‘fix dis plz’ message, without any suggestions on how or what would be considered worthwhile compensation, at what play style, or level.

So, what are your suggestions on how to fix the issue. I provided some very generic thoughts. I remain curious about what options can be suggested.

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There should be an other tier of loot chests.
For example, in the mod Savage Wilds, the Hyperboreans and event enemies called siege engineers (or something similar) has high tier loot such as dragonbone, hardened steel bars, star metal ore, black ice, hardened leather/silk/fur, crimson/grey lotus, and rarely star metal gear, hyperborean slaver armor, and very rarey dragonpowder.
Or just adapt the loot of the volcano dudes (obsidian tools, golden lotus, skelos clothing - good for raw ash and silk).


You know totally agree, metal and elite chest loot should be more high tier, steel\star metal\obsidian tools, weapons, rare ingredients, more variety of armors, item boxes (full of expensive stuff) and etc.
Picking up crates should be more rewarding.
Twine and coal in the dungeons and caves full of evil mobs, really? I almost force my clan teammates to climb for the chests in high lvl areas, because they didnt want to:
“For what man, this garbage again?”
Very unrewarding :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:


Simply not true! I do it all the time and they respawn just fine.

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On the one hand, this one has never opened a chest that contained only one type of loot.
Very rarely this one has looted a humanoid foe that had only some furniture.

On the other hand, this one would like a few more loot tables constructed/refined to better reflect where the loot is or who it was looted off of.

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Used to be that unless you closed the lid manually (which most people didn’t), chests wouldn’t respawn. Whether leaving items in there blocks a respawn now I don’t know. Anything I don’t want I just throw on the ground (obligatory Lonely Island reference)

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This hasn’t been my experience.

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By your own justification 4 pieces of dried wood would be perfectly acceptable chest loot because there is none in the volcano or in the surrounding snowy terrain right outside. Dried wood would actually be more scarce in terms of geography than plant fiber.

The only thing that would alter this is if they added star metal bars and more hardened steel/leather/layered silk to higher tier zones. But seeing as crafting is kind of a big part of the game I don’t foresee this happening.

Guys stop missing the point… most chest (metal) rewards are unfairly poor.
Except gold\silver\lotus ones.
Mobs can drop something cool - hard steel bars, alchemy base, powders, tools and etc.
And for some reason chests (especially ghost and treasure ones) are full of garbage.
60 lvl areas should contain end game loot (like obsidian bars\tools etc), not stone and iron hatchets.

What about pointless legendaries?

LEgs are gona be reworked\updated in future seasons i am 99% sure

Here, just some examples, high lvl areas (50-60 lvl), you decide, is this an endgame lvl of loot or not :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Or, you know, maybe don’t. Because some of us play differently from @Paolo1977 and find that stuff useful :wink:

I have a habit of looting bits and pieces of that stuff when I’m running around looking for thralls or collecting souls for zeal. It’s not a lot, but it adds up and compensates a bit for the time I spent running around and killing NPCs rather than farming that stuff.

Not to mention that it’s even more helpful when I’m still working to establish myself on the server. And yes, I do run through the volcano while I’m still establishing myself. Quite often. The volcano is a nice source of several important resources, and you can snag some nice thralls there even when you’re low level, if you know what you’re doing.

Long story short, let’s not ask Funcom to remove stuff. Why not ask them to add stuff?

This is a myth. I do partial looting all the time, on official servers, and there’s never a problem, either for me or anyone else.

The myth persists because there were a couple of bugs with the chests a long, long time ago, and then people got used to cargo-culting advice that wasn’t very good in the first place :wink:

One bug would sort of “bind” the loot chest to the person who opened it, so it would only respawn if that person stopped by later, and not for anyone else. The workaround for that bug was to destroy the chest, so the game would have to respawn the whole chest and not just its loot.

Another bug had to do with how you closed the chest. If you closed it with the Escape key (on PC, don’t know what it’s like on the consoles or if the bug was present there), it wouldn’t respawn the loot. If you closed it with the E key (or whatever your interaction key was), then it would. The workaround was to either close the chests with the correct key, or to destroy the chests.

Those bugs have been squashed for years now. Ironically, fully looting the chests has never really helped with the first bug. It helped with the second bug, but only if you used one of the “take all” shortcut actions. If you opened the chest, transferred all the items one by one, and then closed it with Escape instead of E, the bug would still manifest.

The “proper” way of looting chests is however you want to loot them. Personally, I find it incredibly annoying when people loot everything and then just drop what they don’t need, because some of that stuff is often useful to me, but I understand why it happens. Cargo culting is incredibly hard to stamp out :smiley:


‘tis a matter of playstyle.
I tend to go for the max encumbrance build and loot everything to the floor in dungeons and whatnot. So, for me, on those characters, none of that is immediately useful as i’ve got stacks and stacks of them already. Then again, that means fewer farming trips and more pillaging trips.

Except the food! I usually head out to scavenge without food, so that fish or soup may be just what is needed to quell the angry barbarian in the guts.

Also, lots of crafting supplies there. but yes, higher tier crafting supplies in higher tier zones and dungeons would be a welcome update. And the occasional exile epic gear/weapon. And now maybe/perhaps sorc/season loot (though not maps… sheesh get too many if those from sorcs as it is)

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