Spynosaur Badge

Is someway still possible to have it? People said it was given to those who followed Aoc twitch live, are thoe event still on sometimes? I dont have twitch but I would make one just for that lol

They were randomly given when the community leaders streamed, you didn’t need to actively watch the stream since they gave them out randomly to most players nearby (You just needed to know where they were so to say). There was no stream in quiet some time now (a year ago or so was the last one) so I doubt there will be anything like that happening any time soon.
Maybe @AndyB can help you out and give you the badge if you tell him your characters name.

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Tyvm :grinning:

Streams were happening up towards the end of last year in December. They haven’t picked them back up this year though, so no telling if they will be back, or when.

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