Twitch Drop 10/26 - was there supposed to be one?

Just wondering. I don’t see anyone on Twitch with drops enabled. And I think today is supposed to have an Autumn Caparison as the reward?

It’s live now! This time you have to watch 2 hours to unlock and claim it (previous drops were 1 hour).


It’s saying Friday 27th 0.00 for me on Twitch Inventory

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Two hours for this garbage… it’s an ugly saddle… :roll_eyes: i got it anyway, but seriously why two hours this time? It’s just a reskin of the purple one… and the other ones that look exactly the same.

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I’m not even bothering with this lacklustre twitch drop. Not going to waste 2 hours for something I’ll never use.


I don’t blame you… i only did it because i wasn’t using my phone at the time.

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Agreed. I got it because it’s free and I can let my phone run on silent. MAYbe one day there might be an option to not display these clan emblems and maybe I might choose to have an ugly saddle :joy: Ya never know.

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