Sql Lite and his poor performance

How is possible that servers only can support 40-70 players ¿? i understand that SQL Lite not help for that, its a free bd with an bad perfomance, this game need databases nosql or other relationals with best performance.

i understand that map are so little, but 80, 100 or 200 players would be great. Too many games with this people havent any lag by this, wow (15 years ago…), fornite, whichone mmporg, atlas, etc… etc… etc…

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Ah yes, you blame the performance on SQLite, because you saw a performance graph that shows a comparison between SQLite and a library that is optimized for ANDROID…

You do realize that the Conan Exiles server is a realtime application that has it’s data in-memory and uses SQLite only for persistence. Which means it writes it’s state into the DB every X minutes and reads from it once the server starts.

yes, compare table was made for android app, i know :wink:

they can use cache/session for static entities, always i mean but, when server crash/falls sql lite remains changes and there want to say that the online player changes have online saves into sql lite database.

If it can help better, if not but then someone explain me why conan have this poor capacity on his servers…

sqlite is not the issue, the capacity issues has to do with overall design of the game. Funcom needs to look to Eve Online, atlas, other MMOs etc for example server architecture / infrastructure. We’ll probably see a conan exiles sequel one day though thats basically everything players want in conan exiles today. Imagine a massive map spread across hundreds of servers with seamless character movement between regions. Imagine mounts, better building options etc. We’re not going to get that in conan exiles today. We can’t even get mounts or character transfers between servers. Game has to be basically redesigned to get to what you’re hinting at.

You mean having a pay2play fee to join the servers(eve)? Or you mean false advertizing 40k concurrent players while doing weird legal mumbo jumbo with “sisters companies” to not be sued into oblivion for not delivering a finished product ( atlas/ark not finishing the linux and mac port of their game and advertizing it as a finished product)?

At least funcom had the decency to wait for release for pushing dlcs…

I’m talking about the technical design of having a single persistent “world” and instance divided up among servers acting as nodes for regions of a map. Instead of 1000 servers hosting the same map in a different instance, a 1000 servers hosting a different region and transferring between those locations seamlessly. In Eve for example there’s over 6,000 star systems that are essentially hosted by different servers but the end user just logs into one server instance. if one node gets to bogged down, they can throw more server resources at it, making for efficient use of computing power. They have a persistent database cluster that keeps track of everything across the systems(characters, items etc), one singular login system etc. A sequel of Conan exiles could do something similar. This would basically enable “character transfer” between regions, item accumulation and large scale pvp. There would also be no wasted, empty servers sucking up cpu cycles either.

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In Funcom’s latest financials, they do reference future projects and one is an unnamed MMO. Nothing is discussed about major changes to CE, so I am a lot less hopeful that CE is going to get a lot of resource thrown at it. I could be wrong and the new MMO could be related. I’m also unsure how much detail they need to include in forward looking statements about the ongoing growth of an existing product. We shall see. They have a lot going on in 2019, to take advantage of their big CE bag of cash.

Yes, and you pay 200 bucks a year to play… you’re not getting where I’m getting at…

You don’t have to pay, its been free to play for some time. You can just as easily buy and sell PLEX too. Even before the free to play model you could do a little grinding and earn enough isk o pay for plex without paying a monthly subscription.
Now, as for funcom and a future Conan MMO with conan exiles mechanics, that’s all up in the air as far as anyone knows. but a monthly subscription and/or paid DLCs is not uncommon in the gaming industry either.

And how long is it gonna last if no one is injecting money? And how did they lose 40k players in one weekend?

I would pay a sub fee for a MMO based on conan exiles, I mean this engine, this mechanics, with better AI and a fully destructible voxel world a-la minecraft/7 days to die.
As long as it’s anarchy, mayhem, fully lawless and amoral.
But most people don’t have a backbone to survive one week in rust, immagine 1 day in a barbarian environment…

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lots of bitter vets upset about changes to longtime mechanics lol. TBH I burned out long ago on eve myself but I always found their tech behind the game innovative.

and yes I too would pay for a politically incorrect conan exiles based MMO myself. The biggest problem with these survival pvp types of games though is not everyone has the time to devote to the grind. Even if you make the grind easy or non existent, a clan of people will always have the advantage over you which makes it very much a dedicated team type of game. MMOs are built on player dedication. The only work around I’ve seen that works is “PVE only” type of zones that new players, casuals and delicate carebears live in, ie for example NPC towns/cities with various levels of PVP and barbarian savagery emerging the further you get from the safe spaces. Even then a good MMO should always have the element of danger. I think Funcom could def pull it off though with a little more research and planning for their next Conan title if they decide to go for it.

i remember Atlas when a lot of people go to raid 1 island, server island reach 400-500 people and they cann’t do nothing.

I dont say that SQL Lite it’s great problem, but its a problem with easy/chepeast solution.

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