Stacking weapons

Dear FC i am in a raid and a bunch of ppl is effected by glich that multiple weapons stack in their hand or back or hand and back same time.Like 3 weapons or so same time. Even ppl that dont not seems to use the wep vanity tab. There is definitely something to look into.
As already said before on my hox i MUST now use vanity wep otherwise i am empty handed despite Power sword equipped.

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that bug has appeared for years now, mostly on classes which use weapon swaps for different combos.

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I am switching for 2 years now and the problem was rare, now a lot of ppl are affected. Its like in a raid i see hoxes etc with several weapon like 10%-20% of toons affected . And it does not vanish over time, only with zoning. My own hox is even broken to the extend the Power weapon got invisible which was never before and I can not revert it. Plus the prob was usually having both weapons slots same time. Now one weapon Stacks like 3-4 times on back. Morphs seems very critical with it like Hox avatar, supreme lich necro etc.

Actually now it affects more than just hox class. For some reason last patches made this bug worse and i see many people affected especially in tier 6 instances. My Necro got 5x staff in one of raids. here is an example:

As long as it stays a visual and does not turn into attributestacking… maybe next “event”? Stack your weapons x20

The pattern leads me to believe its not the weapons, but transformations that are buggy. Such as Necro Supreme Lich form, Path of Enlightened (jiang-shi spell) and HoX Avatar/Desecration transformations. They do not clear old weapon in character’s hands.

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You need both this factors for weapon stacking when you morph:

  • The weapon must be sheathed
  • It must be a weapon that is carried on the back

So for example, if you have a necro with dagger and tali, and you morph with weapon sheathed, the weapon will be unaffected.

It seems that the morph forces a relocation of the sheathed weapon. Before the vanity weapon patch, the weapon was not duplicated, it simply moved, and switching weapons brought it back to the right position. Now it’s also duplicated, and switching weapons doesn’t fix the bug anymore.

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