Stairs to nowhere?

Building a house in the arctic area, just on the north side of the reservoir. Gathering supplies and saw some stairs leading up to a cave with a stone/door in in. Clicky cause loading screen and ugly skelly thing guarding stairs on other side… looked around a big, a gigantic cave way down was visible with green glowing crystals and stuff. not marked on maps I’ve seen.

Difficult to decipher what u mean, but maybe the tunnel to swamp area? Deep cave, water below? Crystal glowing? Spiders at bottom?

I didn’t go down, as yet, just looking around. So, there’s a tunnel to the swamp from/to the highland area?

Yes, takes from ne of reservoir to spider spawn in swamp

Theres an obelisk near the swamp exit too, just an fyi

Ah, That sounds like it then, I was just getting ready to go the long way around to get to the swamp, that should save time. :slight_smile:

Hey any chance to post a screenshot with a marker for this I have not seen it

I am on xbox so screenies are more work. :slight_smile:
But it’s pretty simple to find, as there is a path leading to stairs and a cave with a door.
If you walk up the east shore of the reservoir until you get to snow and bear right, toward the cliffs, you should come to the path that leads there, north of Bin-Yakin’s Seal.
I did traverse it, and I have to say I won’t be using that as a shortcut, huge cave in the middle with aqueducts feeding it from two ends, really high. (Those are the entrance/exits) Ugly climb in the dark, twice.

Yes, that is definetely the crossing to the swamp zone. U must climb on the opposite side of the cave.

:rofl: life can be so dangerous !


That’s “the passage”. It doesn’t put a marker on the entrance in the north. It only marks the other end in the jungle. Would be nice to get a marker on both ends. Can always manually place one I guess.

could, but some surprise is also nice.

Anyway, after a while and some playthroughs more you know where the things are.

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