Stalker Trials Open Beta

Greetings mutants and stalkers!

It’s been a fantastic two months since the launch on Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden in December, 2018. We’ve been following your tweets, forum and Reddit posts, YouTube videos and Twitch streams and it’s been an absolute blast to see what you’ve thought about the game.

During the time since launch we’ve been working on fixing bugs and issues with the game. Several of those fixes will come out in a patch towards the end of February. We’ve also been working on some additional content. You guys really love the game, but you want to see more of it.

Stalker Trials

At the end of February we’ll be rolling out the Stalker Trials, a separate challenge mode that will populate a selection of the game’s maps with different types of enemies to create new challenges. Stalker Trials will come with a leaderboard that will let you compare your combat prowess with your friends’. Initially this will only be available to PC players, but we’re planning on rolling it out to consoles as well.

When you load up the Stalker Trials you’ll have access to all crew members, mutations and skills, but you’ll have to buy and upgrade weapons, Armor and headgear will be unlocked along the way. Once you head out you can choose a map to play through. Once you clear it, Pripp will score you on your progress and reward you with items. You can use these in a new map, or sell them at Iridia’s shop.

We have also added ‘mouse sensitivity’ and ‘subtitle size’ sliders to the options menu.

Open Beta

Before we roll out Stalker Trials, we would like to get more eyes and ears on it. That’s where you, the community, comes in. We’re planning an open beta for this new endless mode on Friday, February 8th.

**To access the open beta, open up your Steam Library, right click on Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, and select Properties. Navigate to the Betas tab and input the following password into the window: ‘PrippLovesYou7ha38fp’. Switch over to the ‘stalker_trials_beta’ branch in the dropdown menu.

Please leave any feedback or bug reports you may have in this thread.

DISCLAIMER. Playing the beta is entirely at your own risk as this is Work in Progress code, if in doubt, we recommend you back up your save games etc. In addition, the new text elements are not localized so they will be displayed in English regardless of language setting.

Keep watching this space. We’ve got even more stuff coming down the line, but we’re not quite ready to talk about that yet.