Stamina drops to far into the negatives from the smallest things and has no frequency to how much is lost, let’s go back to just having the stamina delay

Stamina has been driving me insane since the changed it and it can drop past -50, I’ve played around with it but it never stays consistent, i really think there should be limit how far it can actually drop to negotiates as we already have a stamina delay…….so i really see no need for a second stamina delay type added on top of the other one, I’ve also noticed since this came out stamina will get stuck at zero waaaaaaaay more frequently, let’s just go back to having a proper stamina delay instead of this lame negative stamina

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Totally agree, like i thought the whole point of the second and a half stamina delay was supposed to be our exaustion state but then they added in the negative stamina and broke stamina even more, i really wish they would stop changing what isn’t broken, they just need to make a petition to see how many want negative stamina and how many do, for major stuff like this i really wish they’d get the community’s input, i known they so for a lot of stuff but this negative stamina just came outta no where and i dint recall anyone I’ve ever played with saying “man i wish stamina would also go into negative 50 as well as the stamina delay” lol

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Just like constantly tweaking climbing when it was for once in an actual stable state and breaking it again like it is now, climbing should just be fixed and never tweaked again for any reason

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This is why i keep asking why funcom feels the need to just take take take take take from the players with literally no give back to any mechanics taken away from us, the game pace starts feeling slower and slower as a player with every added mechanic to the point it’s excruciating and feels overly sluggish most of the time, the no animation canceling was implemented waaaaaay to hard and should be lessened up, not to mention our human hit boxes are like double the size of a human npc, another unfair mechanic that should not exist

Their going the dark souls you vs the world route way to hard and as a vet souls player i can say i really don’t like the direction

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Well, just think of it as a number-line. Assign zero as being the point at which you’re struggling and -51 being death. Think of us out-of-shape fatties… we can run! We can run about 40 or 50 paces and our breath (or stamina) meter hits zero. We’re not dead but out of breath and needing to slow way down for a bit before we can try that again. :innocent: If we push ourselves to 100 or 150 paces we REALLY need to stop and gasp for air, thus -20 or whatever the lowest is. Seems to fit for me - although I’m actually over 90 and in Olympian condition so I wouldn’t know. Heheheheee…

I’ve had it drop to -56 after running out of stamina quite a few times was insane and just the wait is way to long, being ex infantry myself i can say our characters are suuuuuuper out of shape badly lol, like this is before 10000bc and these are supposed to be hardened races of ancient times that had to work their ■■■■■ off usually to get by so fitness would already be a natural thing in the lands were in for our characters, just surviving in the world in Conan would harden any of the exiles up fast to in a real world situation.

It seems just way to extreme to have it like that and in a pvp situation being in the negs randomly like that when you can’t tell if it’ll be -20 or - 50 is a death sentence

What is it when you’re so low on energy you begin to burn your own flesh and fat? I know that’s a thing. But anyway I’m just saying that the numbers are arbitrary indicators - zero being the trigger marker indicating the inability to run - and below that indicating the time you must wait to regain that ability. How would you have them do it? Like, 50 to 200 you can run, 1 to 49 you can’t, and 0 you die or become completely immobile?

Yeah, I suppose those could all be things… I can’t imagine it without playing it though. I just don’t really understand why a few people feel the need to change the game - for no apparent reason that I can identify. I’m having fun the way it is and don’t think it needs changes beyond bug repair. I don’t see the point of criticizing the number Zero just because a few people are married to the idea of it being an absolute rather than a trigger. -=shrug=-

Anyway, I said all I wanted to say. Time for me to give a few dragons a bad day! :nerd_face:

But that’s exactly my point. If it’s bottomed to zero how is that actually any different than -50. It doesn’t negatively impact anyone. In fact -50 might be more beneficial because when it’s negative you know you have to wait X amount of time before you can think about swinging or running again - kinda like a built in timer counting up to zero from a negative position on the time-line.

As far as me being a n00b, yeah, I suppose I am.

And I began playing close to a year ago now - maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Probably 800 to 900 hours of that was on a dedicated PvE server with a few friends - running default settings with no plug-ins. The rest is almost all on a single official PvE server in Asia - as I live in Japan.

Oh, so WTH are you saying then? You want it to work like the mount stamina? You can swing when it is at +1 you know - doing so will cause it to go negative again though. What you’re describing isn’t clear to me but if I try to fill in the blanks you’re either saying you want no penalties at 0 or far FAR less penalty at 0 (if 0 was the clamped bottom).

Yea we’ve already got the delay and that alone was already enough before the negative stam change, having both is a bit much

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Yeah that’s far FAR less penalty. I think that would make the game WAY too easy and would suck pretty hard. Just my opinion tho, maybe others disagree, but I really REALLY don’t want to nerf this game any further than they already have. Just me?

Usable recovery begins at 1 currently.

There is no other delay unless the meter is in negative space…

the negative is there because each action consumes x amount of points. So if let’s say heavy swing uses 30 points, and you only have 2 left, you overexerted. The 9nly way to make 0 bottom is to not allow the heavy swing when below 29. It is easier to just do the negative when calculating than not allowing if you don’t have enough stamina for the full move.

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Since you can swing at 1% then if it never went below 0% you could always swing - or as you put it “Swinging with reckless abandon is liberating.”.

Low stamina harming health and reducing your HP… Whoa, THAT would certainly make it more challenging! I don’t think I would be able to win any fights ever.


If you don’t roll dodge at 1 Stamina, you won’t hit such low numbers.

Cause attacks, sprinting, and jumping aren’t doing it.

Again, it is more programming issue. The calculation is simpler than c9mpare if/then statement. Not saying I agree 1 way or the other, but changing it isn’t simple.

Please don’t spam or try and bypass the word filter with ‘clever’ usage of binary code. Thanks.


I’m really confused here, bypass with bianary usage?, can you word it in a way a Nordheimer could understand? Lol because I’m totally confused

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I deleted some replies, but several of the latest posts in this thread were people using binary code (01010101 etc) to hide words that would otherwise be caught in the word filter and such.

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