Stamina now goes to far into the negative numbers for little reason

Hey has anyone else noticed stamina dropping into an insane negative amount lately and for literally no reason, like you sprint for half a second to long and there’s -50 stamina??? (it’s also never consistent in its negative drop)

I thought that’s what the stamina delay was for if we expend all stamina ugh why is this negative stamina a thing?

Stamina also randomly bugs still where it freezes, so this negative gets really hard to work with if the stamina freeze happens as well.

The last two weeks I’ve found my self out of stamina by an insane amount like never before and just curious if this actually is a big or intended…because we already have stamina delay for expending all stamina

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Yepp, negative stamina is an intended thing, it is the exhaustion state. So you have to gain stamina to have 0 stamina :laughing:
It is for better stamina management, and I quite like it to be honest.
Also heavy armor has longer delay to atart to refill your stamina bar, and encumberance has bigger impact on it too.

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